Make a Great First Impression: 10 Easy Tips for Decorating Entryways

July 17, 2018

Decorated entryway Our Springs luxury apartment homes are a perfect backdrop for any type of style and decor you can imagine, starting literally at the front door. Indulge your creativity and charm visitors with these clever ideas for decorating entryways.

What's Your "Hangup?"

The entryway is an obvious place for coats, keys, purses and other items that should be accessible for quick getaways. Take advantage of the wall space by adding decorative hooks and shelves that look good while providing convenience.

Curate Your Own Gallery

Entryway walls are also a perfect canvas for artwork. For maximum effect, arrange several pictures together to create a gallery look. Use art pieces that revolve around a particular theme, or display some of your favorite personal photographs.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A dramatic oversized mirror is a classic way to catch light and create the illusion of space. In practical terms, it's helpful to have a way to give yourself a last once-over before you head out the door.

You Gotta Have Art

Why relegate kids' art to the refrigerator? Proudly display their handiwork on the back of the front door, where it will be seen by everyone who enters.

Combine Form with Function

Is your entryway a constant cluster of shoes, backpacks and other cast-off items? A bench instantly creates a handy seating area, while the space underneath is prime for storage.

Some benches have built-in storage pieces, or you can add colorful baskets or bins. If you want extra "green" points, recycle a vintage bench or seat from a thrift store or consignment shop.

Step on It

Accent our designer hardwood-style floors with an eye-catching area rug. With the wide range of available fabrics, colors and patterns, area rugs add texture and visual interest while protecting a high-traffic spot.

Make It Work

You don't need to devote an entire room to a workspace. All you need are a small desk or console table and a comfortable chair to create a mini-office.

Back to Nature

Make the entryway a true transition area from outdoors to indoors with some striking green plants. Experts suggest that you treat the container like a piece of furniture and choose one that complements your overall decor.

Divide and Conquer

A room divider is an attractive way to make an entryway feel like a true foyer. As a bonus, room dividers are easy to move if you want to put it to another use, either temporary or permanent.

'Tis the Season

Do you enjoy variety? Change up your entryway decor based on seasons or holidays. For example, use wreaths, gourds and pinecones during fall or incorporate a rustic theme during summer.

Do you have a favorite entryway decorating tip to share? Let us know in the comments!

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