6 Uses for Our Car Care Areas

Jean Jones
July 10, 2014

Think Springs car care areas are only for, well…car care? The tools and features of these areas make them ideal not only for buffing up and topping off your vehicle, but for a few other tasks you may not have thought of, like:

1. Washing your pet. This goes without saying, really, because most residents know that the car care areas also include a special raised pet washing tub, complete with rinse hose. There are safety features built into the tub to help keep your pet from jumping out and to help you control him during bath time.

2. De-crudding dirty shoes and boots. Runners and hikers appreciate the ability to take their road-weary shoes into the car care area, knock off the caked-on dirt and give them a cleansing rinse-off. Not only do shoes and boots look better after a wash, they’re going to perform better, too.

3. Clean camping stuff. We have one resident – a camping enthusiast – who uses the car care area when he returns from a weekend in the woods to spray his tent and some of his equipment with the pressure hose to remove the smell and remove dirt and bugs.

4. Repotting plants. Putting root-bound plants in new containers can be a messy job, so why not avoid all the dirt on your countertops and take the plant and planting materials out to the car care area where you can simply rinse away the debris when you’re done?

5. Rinsing off patio furniture. After sitting outside for a few weeks, patio furniture collects grit, grime and bird droppings. Take these to the car care area, soap ‘em up and rinse off to refresh their look.

6. Washing small area rugs. Small kitchen and entryway rugs can easily be soaped up and rinsed off with the hoses available. Short-nap rugs can be squeegee’d off to remove most of the moisture, then hung to dry over a piece of patio furniture or in your bath or shower.

Please remember not to use the car care areas in any way that could damage the items you’re cleaning or the equipment itself. We also ask that when you take advantage of this service, you leave the area tidy for the next person! We’d love to hear how you’ve used the car care areas – have you found a great use besides your car and your pet?

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