7 Tips to Prevent the Dreaded "Renters' Remorse"

June 07, 2016

Avoid_Renters_Remorse.jpgBuyers aren't the only shoppers who experience remorse. Renters can get a rude awakening when that outdated decor that seemed charming becomes tiresome, or their budget isn't stretching as far as they had hoped.

Signing a lease is a major commitment that should be approached with as much thought and consideration as a purchase. Our Springs Apartments leasing team has some valuable tips to offer that help you avoid the dreaded "renters' remorse."

1. Read the Lease from Start to Finish

We have all developed a habit of signing documents without reading what's actually in them. If you break your lease by making modifications or taking in a roommate without approval, ignorance of the rules will not save you. Make sure you read the lease thoroughly to prevent unpleasant surprises down the road.

2. Calculate Your Budget Accurately

Numbers that seem doable in your head can look a whole lot different on paper. Don't assume you'll find the money "somewhere." Create a spreadsheet itemizing your cost of living including rent, utilities, parking or other fees, and commuting expenses.   

3. Know Your Deal-Breakers

All apartment communities have different combinations of features and amenities, so prioritize your wish list. If you have your heart set on an outdoor pool or central air but you pass it up, it won't take long for disappointment to set in.

4. Make Sure Everything Works

When touring a potential apartment, don't be afraid to turn on faucets and look into refrigerators. A quality leasing team like ours at Springs won't be offended by your thoroughness. In fact, we appreciate you checking because it benefits both of us.

A corollary to this guideline is evaluating the maintenance procedures. Is there a on-site maintenance team or are repairs handled by the building manager in between other obligations? Our Springs maintenance teams are available 24/7 so emergencies can be addressed promptly.

5. Is There Enough Closet Space?

This may seem superficial, but it's a significant factor. Storage is at a premium in apartments, and if they lack closet space you may have to spend money and sacrifice precious space for extra dressers or other containers. Check out our 3D floor plans to see our generous walk-in closets and other storage spaces.

6. Ask About Laundry Facilities

Schlepping your dirty clothes and linens to a laundromat gets old fast. If you rent an apartment without in-home washers and dryers or on-site laundry facilities, you will definitely regret it.

7. Pets are Family, Too

Even if you don't currently have a pet, it's nice to have the option open for the future. Pet-friendly communities also demonstrate that management puts residents first while encouraging a true neighborhood atmosphere.

Your satisfaction and comfort are so important to us that we have adopted our Springs pledge to customers. Stop in and find out what puts Springs Apartments head and shoulders above other apartment communities.

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