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Apartment Fees Explained: What to Expect When Signing a Lease Agreement

Jean Jones
August 14, 2014


In the process of hunting for an apartment home, many first-timers are uncertain about the various fees that are part of the process of securing and signing a lease agreement. To help you more fully understand, we’ve provided a brief overview of the common fees and what they cover.

All apartment communities are different, but most require the payment of these fees (fees may also have different names, depending on the community): application and administration fees, a connection convenience fee, and a security deposit. Because we welcome pets, Springs requires a fee for pet owners, too.

Application & Administration Fees

The application fee covers the cost for Springs to run a credit check on prospective residents, the cost to verify his or her employment, and to look into the applicant’s rental history. For that reason, each person on a lease pays this fee. This also covers the cost associated with preparing and maintaining the lease contract and any related documents and correspondence through the term of the lease.

Connection Convenience Fee

This fee covers connection of water and sewer services for the resident. This eliminates the need for residents to take the time to set up an account with the local providers and the need to pay any deposits for the services.

Security Deposit

The security deposit, sometimes called a damage deposit, is a fee that’s refundable at the end of the lease term, provided some conditions are met (among them: if no damage, other than that noted in the Move-In Inspection checklist, has occurred). This deposit ensures that if damage (not “normal wear and tear”) is done that requires repair, our costs are covered and we don’t need to pass those along by way of increased lease rates.

Pet Fee

We love pets, and so do many of our residents. They tend to require a bit more work once the residents have moved out, so there is a fee for pet owners to account for the added effort (carpet treatment being one of them). The fee is also one reason we’re able to provide a pet wash area and equipment, and to maintain fenced-in pet runs.

If you have questions about our fees – what they’re used for, how much each is or when they’re to be paid – we’re happy to answer them at any time. Just reach out to our leasing team!

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