3 Top Places for Walking and Running in Chicagoland

Jean Jones
February 17, 2016

Places-For-Walking-And-Running-Chicagoland.jpgAs winter begins to wind down in Chicagoland, the area’s walking and running trails will soon come to life. With so many trails to choose from, you’re sure to find a convenient option that suits your needs. With this in mind, we picked three trails close to North Aurora and Romeoville for you to explore.

1. Fox River Trail — 43 miles

If you’re looking for an adventurous outdoor experience about 30 minutes from North Aurora, you'll want to check out this 43-mile trail, which features some of the most spectacular views in the state. The Fox River Trail follows the Fox River south from Algonquin, with stop-off points at many small towns, parks and fishing pools along the way.

Whether you choose to bike, hike or run, the Fox River Trail will keep you on your toes. The inclines might challenge your physical dexterity, while the temptation to link up with other trails in the region could cause you to revamp your schedule. Visitors to this trail rave about the it’s six bridges, offering opportunities for picture taking that literally could fill a book.

2. Illinois Prairie Path — 61 miles

If you can navigate a crowded grocery store, then you probably can navigate the Illinois Prairie Path — a panoramic path that spans 61 miles across Chicago’s western suburbs. The central trail connects Maywood on the east end to Wheaton in the west, and includes branches that stretch from Aurora to Elgin.

3. Illinois & Michigan Canal State Trail — 77.4 miles

If state parks hold special appeal to you, then you might wish to think of the Illinois & Michigan Canal State Trail as your link to visiting many of them in a single trip. The longest consecutive stretch of this trail begins at the Illinois River in La Salle and extends nearly 62 miles south to Rockdale, just a 20-minute drive from Romeoville.

Whether you walk, bike or hike, be sure to keep a map handy to help you navigate not only the trail itself, but also connections to other trails, including the Rock Run Greenway, the Joliet Junction and the Centennial trails.

These three paths are really no secret to outdoor enthusiasts in Chicagoland. But you can feel like they are — and experience them that way when you want to get in tune with the area’s natural landscape.

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