Capture the Moment With These 3 Chicagoland Photographers

Jean Jones
June 13, 2016

Photographers_Chicagoland.jpgChicagoland is picturesque. No wonder it’s home to some of the nation’s most talented photographers, like the ones featured below. If you’re looking to document your memories, check out their websites and get in touch. You’ll never know what may develop.

1. Alicia's Photography

Alicia Johnson considers her work an integral part of family memories, photographing unique moments that tell the stories of a lifetime like births, graduations, engagements and weddings. However, she doesn’t limit herself. Alicia and her colleague Samantha Jensen run a “full circle” studio, catering to all special individual events and fashion photography needs, on location or in their Naperville workspace.

Being a mom of three and owning her own photography business for nearly two decades, Alicia prides herself on the ability to make everyone, especially children, feel at ease in front of the camera.

2. Papadakis Photography
South Barrington

You could say that photography runs in the blood of George Papadakis, who caught the photography bug from his father, an amateur photographer. George channeled his passion into his profession, defining his art form as “the ability to create with light and with vision,” showcased in his diverse subjects, from people to products and architecture.

George has a particular gift for capturing natural emotion and realistic expressions, which he terms a person’s “natural self,” but doesn’t ignore the business side of his craft. He can take a project from inception to completion, providing as much or as little input and direction as his clients request.

3. Stephanie Maurie Photography

Stephanie Maurie's preferences should tell you a lot about her personal style. She loves to capture (in this order): love, nature, light, families, laughter, candid expressions, tears, details, color and expression – as demonstrated by her stunning portfolio. Whether in her Geneva studio, in her clients' homes or on location, Stephanie is committed to capturing every client’s unique beauty on film be it families, graduates, engagements, wedding parties, or babies and children.

Guided by her grandfather, an enthusiastic AP high school photography teacher and a handful of other mentors, Stephanie firmly believes that photographs are the most cherished possessions in anyone's life. She has dedicated herself to providing her clients with beautiful, timeless images that last a lifetime.

Imagine infusing your luxury apartment home at Springs at Orchard Road or Springs at Weber Road with unique, personal photographs taken by one (or more!) of these gifted artists. It will bring you joy for years to come—just like the place you call home.

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