Deciding Between 1- and 2-Bedroom Apartments in Chicagoland

Jean Jones
January 25, 2016


Springs at Orchard Road in Aurora and Springs at Weber Road in Romeoville — both opening in 2016 — offer the amenities many apartment seekers are hoping for. The apartments will include a leash-free dog park, fitness center, and car-care center, among other features.

One of the tough decisions you have to make, however, is whether to choose a one- or two-bedroom apartment. Here are some considerations that will make this decision less complicated:

How Many People Live with You?

If you have a roommate or children, then getting a two-bedroom apartment is the obvious choice. Springs Apartments are pet-friendly, so you may want an extra bedroom for your pets.

How Would You Use the Extra Room?

Even if you don't have kids or roommates to consider, having a second bedroom can be useful if you have out-of-town guests and would like to be a gracious host and spare them the need to get a hotel room. If you regularly work at home, having the extra space for a home office would be a great way to feel more productive. Many people also like to have dedicated space for their hobbies, such as a home music studio or craft room.

What About Your Furniture?

If you are downsizing from a house or merging households with a significant other, you could have some extra furniture you don't want to put in storage or sell. A second bedroom would give you that extra space for those surplus items.

How Often Are You at Home?

If you spend a lot of time away from home, whether you're traveling for business or leisure, you may not need much extra space and a one-bedroom apartment will be more than sufficient.

Is a Second Bedroom Affordable or Necessary?

While all of the apartments at Springs are a good value for how much you get, it's a fact that two-bedroom apartments cost more in monthly rent than one-bedroom apartments. If your budget already feels stretched a bit thin, choosing a one-bedroom will be a more sensible option. 

Even if your budget is just fine, there's still the question of whether or not you need the second bedroom. There isn't a good reason to have an extra room if it would just be wasted space.

From the close-knit community to the beautiful modern amenities and updated grounds, there's nothing more you could want from an apartment home. Whether you choose a one- or two-bedroom apartment, we know you'll be happy with your lifestyle at the Springs Apartments.

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