5 Tips for Making Your Short Distance Move Go Smoothly in Chicagoland

Jean Jones
July 11, 2016

Short_Distance_Move_Chicago.jpgIt's a common misconception that moving a short jaunt across town is easier than moving across the country. But think about it, your belongings don't change, so the overall process is essentially the same. The difference is how you can capitalize on having a home field advantage:

1. Don't Hesitate to Hire Professional Movers

Hopefully, you've been dutifully sorting and getting rid of clutter. The basic rule of thumb is that if you haven't worn it, used it, or remembered that you had it in the past year, you don't need it. Take a good look at what you have left and don't be immediately dismissive of using a professional company just because you're not going far. They could have all your belongings moved before you’ve figured out how to safely attach your mattress to the roof of your Corolla.

2. Check the Weather

A huge advantage to moving a short distance and doing it yourself is that you have flexibility when it comes to your schedule, so make sure the weather is going to cooperate with you. If there’s one thing worse than moving, it's moving in pouring rain.

3. Know Your Route Options

Take the time to visit your new place several times during different times of the day. Map out some different routes, so you know which way avoids rush hour traffic or school zones. Don't forget to check your GPS the day of your move to make sure that construction, or an accident, hasn't popped up along your proposed route.

4. Think Inside the Box

Don't pile things willy-nilly into the back of your car. Items can break just as easily on a short trip as a long one, and packing haphazardly will waste space, resulting in more trips. You can get away with leaving clothes on their hangers, but for most things use boxes and pack carefully to economize on space and time.

5. The Wheels Go Round and Round

A dolly is invaluable for moving heavy items, and some apartment communities will have them available to borrow. Also, consider how to use your time efficiently. While you have the option of making multiple trips, you also should think about renting a van by the hour for larger furniture, and a personal vehicle for small items.

Do you have any other short distance moving tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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