4 New Restaurants to Check Out in Chicagoland

Jean Jones
July 18, 2016

Restaurants_Chicagoland.jpgOur elegantly outfitted kitchens make it easy to cook at home, but eating out offers a special allure that’s ideal for busy evenings, special events, or those times when you just need a taste of something new. These hot new restaurants in Chicagoland offer fresh bites that will let you depart from the ordinary.

1. The Blanchard
1935 N Lincoln Park W, Chicago

The Blanchard serves decadent French country cuisine with a modern twist. The open kitchen design makes your meal feel more approachable, which is a welcome touch when paired with a menu liberally dotted in French. You can order foie gras three ways, nibble a perfectly crispy duck a l’orange, or sample an inspired lavender crème brulee. If you’re looking for a meal with the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, The Blanchard is the best new spot in Chicago.

2. Duck Duck Goat
857 West Fulton Market, Chicago

If you’re in the mood for Chinese food with a masterful twist, Duck Duck Goat has just what you need. This trendy new hotspot offers beer and cocktails to complement your fresh Asian cuisine. Enjoy simple noodles with a creative twist, paired with shrimp, goat sausage, mushroom, and eggplant, or clams and bacon. The menu is small enough to ensure high quality with every meal, yet varied enough to satisfy every taste, whether you’re after the crispy frog legs or moo shu pork.

3. Bang Bang Pie Shop
2051 N California, Chicago

The Bang Bang Pie Shop already has a loyal following, and with with a limited quantity of their seasonal fruit pies, you have a destination you’ll want to mark on your calendar immediately. While the pastry desserts are the restaurant’s main draw, other highlights include their made-from-scratch biscuits, which give breakfast sandwiches a warm touch, as well as their fancy grits.

4. Saint Lou’s Assembly
664 W Lake St, Chicago

Saint Lou’s Assembly specializes in homey favorites like roasted chicken, meatloaf, and roast beef sandwiches. The restaurant’s filling meals come with three of the restaurant’s hearty sides, including “smashed” potatoes, spicy tomato broccolini, braised collards and bacon, and macaroni and cheese. Complete your meal with boozy floats, bottled cocktails, and lovely libations for a perfect finish to your home-cooked dish.

Do you have a favorite new restaurant in the region that's not far from Springs at Weber Road or Springs at Orchard Road? Share your top picks in the comments section below.

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