Faking It: A Guide to Decorating Your Apartment with Faux Plants

February 13, 2018

Decorating Your Apartment with Faux PlantsGreen plants bring a colorful touch of nature to your Springs luxury apartment home. Unfortunately, if you don't commit to regular maintenance, the plants can end up looking more brown than green.

Good news: even decorating experts now consider fake plants to be an acceptable substitute for the real thing. Here are some tips for adding faux greenery to your apartment, including suggestions for the best types to choose from.

Benefits of Fake Plants

  • Obviously, the one that appeals to most people is that fake plants are maintenance-free, although you should take a Swiffer to them every now and then.
  • Fake plants will never outgrow their space or shed leaves that need to be cleaned up.
  • Some plants are toxic to animals, so if you have pets in your home, fake plants eliminate the stress of constantly keeping them away.
  • Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies? Fake plants won't trigger watery eyes or sneezing attacks.
  • Since fake plants don't require sunshine, they can dress up darker corners and other areas away from windows.

How to Shop for Fake Plants

In the past, fake plants were usually made from silk. While these styles are still available, they lack realism and they're more susceptible to wear and tear. Plastic plants have greatly improved in quality, to the point where it's difficult to tell them from real plants. Many of the more popular house plants, such as succulents, actually have a plastic look and feel, contributing to the realism.

Top choices for fake plants include:

1. Philodendron
2. Snake plant
3. Fiddle leaf fig
4. Bird of paradise
5. Dieffenbachia
6. Banana tree
7. Aloe
8. Lotus leaf
9. Ferns
10. Air plants

As with any product, you get what you pay for. The better fake plants may seem pricey, but in the long run they're less expensive than real plants because you have no further investment to make.

Styling Tips

  • Treat fake plants like real ones. Use interesting containers and "plant" them with real dirt. Some people even include decorative self-watering devices to maintain the illusion!
  • Part of the beauty of nature lies in its imperfections. Don't strive for perfection with fake plants.
  • Since fake plants are easy to store, get a new look by switching them out as the seasons change, or simply when the mood strikes.

Where to Buy Fake Plants

There are several good options for purchasing fake plants in both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Do you have a green thumb, or are fake plants your best-kept secret? Tell us in the comments!

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