Fire Prevention Tips Apartment Dwellers Need to Know

February 18, 2016

apartement-fire-prevention-tips.jpgA roaring fire makes for a cozy campsite, but the effects would be far more devastating in your Springs Apartments home. It doesn’t take long for a modest flame to grow out of control, so no potential dangers should be ignored.

It’s well worth the time and effort to take steps that will reduce the risk of apartment fires. Use this checklist to address possible trouble spots before they arise.

In the Kitchen

  • Use a timer to make sure you don’t leave food unattended for too long. Never start cooking if you’re so tired that you may fall asleep.
  • Make sure that oven mitts, dishtowels, food packaging and other items are kept far away from burners.
  • Clean the stove regularly and promptly wipe up any spills.
  • Watch out for loose-fitting sleeves and other clothing that could come into contact with burners.

Electricity and Appliances

  • Use power strips and surge protectors to avoid overloading outlets and extension cords.
  • Don’t allow cords to run across doorways, under rugs or anyplace where they’re likely to be an obstruction.
  • If you use a space heater, place it at least three feet from curtains and other flammable items. Always turn the heater off when going to bed or leaving the apartment.
  • Check vacuum cleaners, lamps, computers, TVs and other electrical items for frayed and worn cords. Replace any damaged ones immediately.

Additional Tips

  • Never smoke in bed and make sure all cigarette butts are thoroughly extinguished. Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children.
  • Blow out candles before bedtime or when you are leaving. Flashlights are safer than candles in case of a power outage.
  • Test smoke alarms once a month. If the alarm is battery-operated, change the batteries twice a year. The start and end of daylight savings time is a good way to remember.
  • Plan an escape route in case of emergency.

Your safety is a priority for our Springs Apartments team. Call or stop by the office if you have any questions about fire prevention or other safety issues. 

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