Ground Floor or Upper Floor? A Checklist to Help You Decide

Jean Jones
March 29, 2016

Ground-or-Upper-Floor.jpgSo you've ticked off all the boxes on your amenities wish list and you're ready to choose one of our Springs luxury apartments as your new home. There's one more factor to consider that might not occur to you: ground floor or upper floor?

As with most alternatives, both options have advantages and disadvantages. Your choice comes down to deciding which one makes the most sense based on your lifestyle. Before making your decision, review this list comparing and contrasting the features of upper and lower floors. 


All of our apartments are designed for maximum security. However, if you like to leave the windows open at night, you may be more comfortable on the upper floor.


On a personal level, it's easier for people to see into your home when you live on the ground floor. The benefit of our Springs communities is that all apartments have a private entry, so guests and other residents aren't always passing in front of your home and everyone else doesn't have to know when you have a visitor. 


When you live on the ground floor, you simply step in or out your front door, making it more convenient for tasks such as taking out the garbage or unloading groceries. If you have difficulty climbing steps, the ground floor is also a better choice. You might want to consider the impact on parents or others who may be visiting frequently.

"Outdoor" Living

In some apartment communities, only the ground floor apartments have access to outdoor space. All of our Springs apartments have balconies or patios, so this one is a draw.


The grounds of our Springs communities are beautifully landscaped and maintained, so even the lower floors have nice views. However, being higher up provides a perspective you can't obtain from ground level.


Dog lovers will generally prefer the lower level for the convenience of taking pets outdoors for exercise and potty breaks. If you have a cat, you can give her a taste of the outdoors on the upper level by letting her spend some time on the balcony.

Still can't decide? Our friendly leasing team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about upper vs. lower level or any other features and amenities of our luxury Springs communities.

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