Leasing an Apartment vs. Leasing a House: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Jean Jones
September 06, 2016

Leasing_House_vs_Apart-Main.jpgIf you’re interested in leasing rather than buying, you can choose either an apartment or a single-family house. Which one is for you? Both options have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your individual lifestyle and preferences.

Single-family houses, for example, typically offer more living space than apartments. If you have a family or if you're sharing a home with several roommates, a house may be a great solution. If you're living on your own or with only one roommate, the extra space may not be worth the extra rent -- or the extra housekeeping!

On the other hand, apartments are the smart choice for budget-friendly rent. On rare occasions, comparably priced houses come up for lease, but these exceptions usually occur during buyers' markets, when homeowners are having a difficult time selling so they choose to lease their properties out instead.

These are definitely important contrasts to consider but, depending on the apartment community you choose, there are other factors that make your decision a little closer call:


When you're living in a single-family home, all your neighbors are in separate buildings so you have a greater measure of privacy. However, our Springs luxury apartment communities have the advantage of private entries for each home, which eliminates people passing in the hallways and reduces the amount of external noise.

On-Site Amenities

Private houses rarely include amenities such as swimming pools or workout facilities, or if they do, they come at a hefty monthly rent. Luxury living is far more affordable in our Springs communities that come with pools, gyms and so much more -- like leash-free dog parks and pet spas.


With a few exceptions, single-family houses are generally leased from private owners who have numerous demands on their time, making them difficult to contact and can cause delays in maintenance requests, even in emergencies. Luxury apartment communities like Springs have dedicated on-site management and maintenance teams for convenient access and prompt service. Resident comfort and satisfaction is so important to us that we adopted our Springs Pledge, which outlines our specific commitment to customer service.

Leaning toward apartment living? Great choice! Stop at one of our convenient leasing offices to learn more from one of our friendly, efficient management team members!

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