10 Ways to Enjoy Spring in and Around the Twin Cities

March 28, 2018

Spring in the Twin CitiesSpring is a time when you might feel cabin feverish yet burrow into your couch for further hibernation during free time. It’s a time of plaintive conversations between friends and family who want to escape their apartments for a breath of fresh air but are reluctant to go far from home due to changeable weather.

One symptom of this condition is repeated statements of reluctance, such as “I don’t want to go anywhere unless there are things to do near me.”

Well, quit giving it a rest. Get off your kiester. Oops, it’s “e” before “i” when talking about your anatomy. And Kiester is, as you likely know, a town about two hours south of here, which would be a real pain in the you-know-what distance to drive just to see a place made famous by a Preparation H commercial.

But we digress. Our point is that you should get out for fun that’s not too far from home, even if you happen to live at the extremely pleasant Springs at Apple Valley or Springs at Egan Drive in Savage and have an extremely pleasant couch.

Here are eight suggestions to get you moving.

Visit Baby Animals at the Minnesota Zoo

Check out the chicks (the fuzzy yellow kind), piglets and other baby animals at the Minnesota Zoo Farm Babies exhibit through April 30. The zoo is located at 13000 Zoo Boulevard in Apple Valley. While you’re there, you might want to meet some monk seals, enjoy the World of Birds Show and watch zookeepers feed the sharks.

Celebrate Spring at Holz Farm

Close by in Eagan, the Holz Farm is a living history facility maintained by the town and its volunteers. Aside from being a regional gathering place for special events, it focuses on the history of rural life from the Great Depression through World War II. Located at 4665 Manor Drive, the farm will host its annual Spring Festival on May 20. Admission is free.

Go Waterfalling

Even if you’re tired of snow, remember that it makes the roar and tumble of waterfalls possible. It doesn’t take long by car to visit Vermillion Falls in Hastings or Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.

Take an Artsy Walkabout

Art-A-Whirl is the largest open studio art tour in the nation and takes place in northeast Minneapolis May 18 to 20. It gives you a chance to stretch your imagination while stretching your legs walking from one studio to another to meet artists.

Explore the Festival of Nations

Now in its 86th year, the Festival of Nations is a four-day celebration of Minnesota’s many cultures and heritage of immigration. It offers cafes, an outdoor marketplace, dance performances, and foods of many nations.

Cheer for The Twins

Head to Target Field in downtown Minneapolis for a day in the bleachers eating hot dogs, drinking a brew and cheering for the local boys of spring and summer, the Minnesota Twins. Here’s their 2018 game schedule. Groupon offers some great deals on tickets at this time of year.

Tour a Victorian Glasshouse

On a chilly spring day, it’s still fun to get out for a walk especially if you’re walking indoors but strolling among tropical palm trees in St. Paul’s elaborate Marjorie McNeely Conservatory constructed of glass.

Enjoy Dry Sidewalks Close to Home

Goodbye ice; hello dry roads and walkways. In spring, a simple jaunt with your family and dog through the neighborhood is a great pleasure. It's not time to stop and smell the roses yet, but it is time to pause and count the crocus.

If you live at one of our Springs communities, just stepping out your ground floor, townhome style entry and waving at friendly neighbors is a good start to welcoming spring.

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