5 Twin Cities/Rochester Restaurants That Welcome You and Fido

September 02, 2015


Your precious pooch needs some attention after a long day, but you're getting light-headed from lack of food. What to do? Fortunately, you don't have to choose. Since the state lifted the ban on dogs in restaurants back in 2008, many establishments have instituted pet-friendly policies.

Next time you and your faithful companion want to head out from your Springs Apartments home, stop in at one of these great restaurants and share some quality time together.

1432 W. 31st Street

Owner Lucia Watson wanted so much for dogs to feel welcome that she commissioned a glass-tiled "dog bar" where your pet can enjoy a drink of cool, fresh water. He can also dine on a tasty biscuit made from Lucia's homemade chicken stock. Human foods like roasted Wild Acres chicken and grilled swordfish are made from scratch using high-quality, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients.

Galaxy Drive In
3712 Quebec Avenue S.

This "retrofuturistic" classic drive-in located in St. Louis Park is fun for you and your dog. You'll enjoy the car-side service, the kitschy neon decor and the updated twist on traditional drive-in food. Meanwhile, your pup will love the outdoor seating, walks in the scenic surroundings and the free ice cream cones.

Burger Moe's
242 W. 7th Street
St. Paul

Moe's spacious, colorful patio was named Best Neighborhood Patio in St. Paul by the Pioneer Press. Your dog will have plenty of room to lie comfortably while you savor one of the juicy half-pound burgers made fresh with 100 percent Certified Angus Beef. Servers are happy to bring some water for your pet and throw in a little belly rub on the house.

600 E. Hennepin Avenue
St. Paul

Brasa's signature dish is their rotisserie chicken, but you can't go wrong with any of the other items on their Southern- and Caribbean-inspired menu. Customers keep coming back for the spicy masa corn cake, and the crispy yuca with citrus and garlic makes a tasty alternative to French fries. You and your dog can get in some prime people-watching on the patio just outside the rolling garage doors. 

Roscoe's Root Beer & Ribs
603 - 4th Street SE

Who doesn't love BBQ? The outdoor picnic tables are the best place for you and your dog to sit as you feast on Roscoe's award-winning ribs, slathered with a healthy dose of his secret recipe sauce. If your pet has been good, why not treat him to one of Roscoe's burgers?

Does your dog have a favorite eatery that belongs on this list? Share it with us in the comments!

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