Build Your Best Body at 6 Great Gyms Near Springs Apartments in Apple Valley and Savage

January 16, 2017

build-your-best-body-at-6-great-gyms-near-springs-apartments-in-apple-valley-and-savage.jpgYou don't need a formal New Year's resolution to make good health a priority. Have fun, make friends and get fit at these great gyms near our Springs Twin Cities luxury apartment communities.

 1. C4 Fitness

5708 Upper 147th St W
1.2 miles from Springs at Apple Valley

Practicing a variety of workout styles keeps your mind and body engaged, and C4 Fitness offers more than a dozen types of classes to suit every preference. Classes are scheduled seven days a week and are available a la carte with no additional membership fees. Visit the website and sign up for a free one-week trial.

2. CorePower Yoga
7586 W 150th St
1.6 miles from Springs at Apple Valley

Yoga has grown from a trendy fad to a popular and enduring fitness activity.  CorePower offers a full seven-day schedule of sculpting, hot yoga and their signature classes with challenging and energizing sequences of yoga poses. Walk-ins pay only $20 per class, or you can purchase packages with a set number of sessions or unlimited visits.

3. Pure Barre
15594 Pilot Knob Rd
2.6 miles from Springs at Apple Valley

Have you ever envied the long, lean build of ballet dancers? Pure Barre uses small, low-impact, isometric moves with the aid of a ballet barre to burn fat and tone muscles without creating bulk. New students can get one month of unlimited classes for $99. Afterwards you can pay as you go or purchase one of several different packages.

4. Koko FitClub

7709 Egan Dr
0.7 miles from Springs at Egan Drive

Fitness programs at Koko integrate the latest technology to give you maximum benefits in minimum time. Koko's proprietary algorithms use your current condition and fitness goals to create a personalized strength, cardio and nutrition program, with your progress charted on your very own website. The gym is staffed during business hours, but members have 24/7 access to the facility. Get started with 30 days for $30.

5. iLoveKickboxing

8160 County Rd 42
0.9 miles from Springs at Egan Drive

Few activities will get your heart and adrenaline pumping like kickboxing. The program at iLoveKickboxing combines the best features of four different global styles for a workout unlike any other. Classes begin with a series of conditioning exercises and stretches to prepare you for the main event. Visit the website for the class schedule and new member special.

6. TFW South Metro
4331 Egan Dr
1.9 miles from Springs at Egan Drive

When a gym calls their program "Training for Warriors," you know they mean business. The TFW system is centered on strength, speed, power and endurance. Class schedules for each weekday focus on a particular area, while Saturday morning "Weekend Warrior" classes include a little of everything. A 10-class pass is $160, while a monthly unlimited pass is only $189.

 Don't have time to get to the gym? Our on-site fitness centers with yoga and Pilates areas are accessible 24/7 and there's never any fee!

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