Whet Your Appetite with 6 Top Twin Cities Food Blogs

May 31, 2016

Food-Blogs-Twin-Cities.jpgTwin Cities residents love their food, so it's no surprise that they enjoy reading and writing about it as well. Want the dish on a new restaurant or the scoop on the latest dining trends? Tantalize your taste buds by following these top food blogs with a Twin Cities focus.

1. Tangled Up in Food

The name of this Twin Cities-centric blog is a play on a song title from Bob Dylan, Minnesota's favorite son. Tangled Up in Food includes a variety of recipes sorted by category as well as reviews of Twin Cities restaurants. Blogger Stacy also writes about culinary adventures during her travels, such as a trip to Germany that is the subject of her recent posts.

2. TC Taste

TC Taste is an eclectic overview of the Twin Cities food scene from Minnesota Monthly. Topics include everything from recipes and restaurant reviews to profiles of local chefs and discussions about the business of dining.

3. The Funky Beans

By day Nepali transplant Khushboo is a techie, but in her spare time she blogs about food and travel. Posts appear two to three times a month, and the latest entry is about the Blended Burger Project, an initiative to create healthier burgers by incorporating 25 percent mixed mushrooms.

4. Renee and Steve

Married couple Renee and Steve have been posting their tandem restaurant reviews since 1995. After a well-deserved sabbatical in 2015, they are back to discussing their experiences at regional eateries such as Copper Hen and Victor's on Water. Each review includes an overall rating along with information on parking, attire and kid-friendliness.

5. Journey of an Italian Cook

Who doesn't love Italian food? This blog, subtitled "Finding the Mediterranean in Minnesota," follows Claudia and her exploration of Italian cooking. Mouth-watering photos of pasta, breads and meatballs are interspersed with pictures of Claudia's adorable cat, appropriately names Cioppino-Bambino.

6. Vegetarian Perspective

Can a food blog exist without meat? Sarah and her family, including her husband and son, are all vegetarians, and she shares her recipes for tasty meat-free dishes such as spicy fried tofu, strawberry-crusted mojito pie and mock pulled pork. Other subjects include vegetarian-related news and restaurant reviews.

What's your favorite part of the Twin Cities food scene? Is it a restaurant, festival or market? Let us know in the comments!

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