Where to Go for Ice Cream and Froyo in Rochester, Minnesota

July 26, 2016

Ice-Cream-Shops-Rochester.jpgWhen the dog days of summer arrive in Rochester, Minnesota, and temperatures climb into the 90s, a trip to the ice cream shop is the perfect way to beat the heat. Here are a few of the best ice cream shops near Springs at South Broadway that are definitely worth checking out:

1. Flapdoodles Homemade Ice Cream  
1710 Broadway Ave S

Flapdoodles has been fulfilling homemade ice cream cravings for Rochester residents since 2011. In fact, business has been so good that the ice cream shop just opened a second location in July on Broadway Avenue South, making this an incredibly convenient place for those living in Springs at South Broadway to get their sweet tooth fix. 

This ice cream parlor stands out with just the name itself. If you look "flapdoodle" up in the dictionary, you'll see that it means "foolish talk and nonsense." That's the philosophy behind this ice cream store as it's intended to be a place where people can enjoy premium homemade ice cream in a nonsensical environment. Flapdoodle was actually the name of the owner's father's boat, which is why the menu has a nautical theme. Don't be afraid to splurge on calories by opting for the Flagship Sundae!

2. Cold Stone Creamery  
2650 S Broadway, Suite 100

What differentiates Cold Stone Creamery from other Rochester ice cream shops is that your choice of ice cream is mixed in front of you on a cold granite stone with options such as candy, cakes, fruits, or nuts. This allows for a completely customized ice cream experience.

Cold Stone’s ice cream is made fresh every day, so you know you'll be getting a quality treat that is well worth it. If you visit the store's website, you can find out more information about their gluten-free and lactose-free options as well.

3. CherryBerry Yogurt Bar  
123 16th Ave SW, Suite 100

If you want to indulge without going completely overboard, stop into CherryBerry for some frozen yogurt. You can choose from a variety of "froyo" flavors including traditional fruits, cotton candy, cake batter, candy bar, and many more. Once you make your choice, you can make your treat even sweeter with toppings such as cookie dough, candy bar bits, and fresh fruit.

What are your favorite places around Rochester to grab a sweet treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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