Out with the Old, In with the New: 9 Hot Decorating Trends for 2018

(May 15, 2018)

Hot Decorating Trends for 2018

This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

New year, new you... new apartment? With the exciting decorating trends shaping up for 2018, it's easier than you think to bring a fresh look to your Springs luxury apartment home.

Here are some of the great ideas we're looking forward to trying. Which ones grab your imagination?

1. Jewel Tones and Moodier Colors

After embracing the natural look of Greenery last year, Pantone has gone in an unexpected direction by naming Ultra Violet as Color of the Year 2018. This choice opens the door to rich, luxurious tones such as Chili Pepper, Emerald Green and Bronze Mist. Not ready to make the leap? Go with softer versions, such as lilac or pink.

2. Circle Patterns

Designer Genevieve Gorder of Trading Spaces calls circles the "new triangle." Put a clever twist on the familiar shape with unique knot throw pillows that you can buy or DIY.

3. Brass Accessories

Silver enjoyed a good run, and now it's time for brass to take center stage. More understated than gold, brass comes in a variety of finishes such as brushed, antique and polished that make it suitable for any decor style. Brass is a traditional material for picture frames, candlesticks and lamps, but why not try it in different items like mugs, wall hangings or waste baskets?

4. Wabi-Sabi

Feng shui gave us a way to organize homes for maximum harmony, and now the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi is influencing current design elements. Wabi-sabi is described as "the art of imperfection," and you can get the look with items such as weathered furniture, handmade pottery and rumpled linen sheets.

5. Statement Storage

Storage options are moving toward pieces that combine style and function, making it a perfect trend for apartments. Look for cabinets that double as end tables, benches with hinged lids and wicker trunks that serve as coffee tables.

6. Floral Prints

These are not your grandmother's floral prints. Today's designs come in bold, contrasting colors that feel more bohemian than feminine. Balance the look with neutral or muted colors.

7. Wall Art

Minimalism is out, so let your creativity shine with eye-catching wall art and hangings. There are endless options of posters, paintings, tapestries and other pieces to accommodate any taste, or you can enlist the kids for some DIY wall art projects.

8. Designer Lampshades

Are lampshades part of your decor, or are they more of an afterthought? If it's the latter, you may be surprised at what a difference lampshades can make. They're quick and easy to change, so you can update them whenever the mood strikes.

9. Patterned Plants

Plants are a welcome addition to any home, and if Pinterest is any indication, "patterned" plants are the ones to choose for 2018. Prayer plants and rattlesnake plants are two examples of greenery accented with colorful veins and leaves.

What design trend will you be adding to your Springs luxury apartment home this year? Let us know in the comments!New Call-to-action

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