8 Signs That You've Found the Right Apartment

March 16, 2017

find-the-right-apartmentSuccessful matchmaking is the key to a happy life. You want to find the right partner, the right job and the right apartment. Unfortunately, there's no precise formula for compatibility so you have to rely on your own blend of savvy and intuition.

Apartments come with an almost endless combination of features and amenities, but you can quickly narrow the field by deciding on your list of deal-breakers. Which of these qualities says "home" to you?

1. Location

If you're a homebody who prefers quiet and relaxing evenings, living downtown could quickly set you on edge. Spend some time touring a potential neighborhood to see if it suits your personality.

2. Rent

It's impossible to feel comfortable in an apartment if you're worrying about how you'll pay the rent each month. On the other hand, you shouldn't be so frugal that you end up dealing with major inconveniences. Find the sweet spot where your wish list meets your budget.

3. Tech Readiness

High-tech devices such as tablets and smartphones have become a part of everyday life, but you can't assume every apartment community can accommodate them. Ask about cable and Wi-Fi service and walk around from room to room to check cell phone reception.

4. Pet-Friendly

Most pet owners would sooner live in their car than give up their dog or cat. If this sounds like you, make sure your chosen apartment is pet-friendly and you're clear on the terms and conditions.

5. Amenities

Apartments come in a full range of styles from no-frills to luxury. Do you lead an active lifestyle? You may have your heart set on a fitness center or pool. If you love to cook, a gourmet kitchen fits the bill. Know what amenities are your must-haves and which ones you can live without.

6. Proper Maintenance

Would you really want to live in an apartment or community with broken door locks, peeling paint and trash-strewn grounds? Poor conditions are unpleasant and unsafe, as well as a sign of unresponsive management.

7. Parking

Is parking usually an afterthought for you? It can be a rude awakening if you move into your dream apartment only to discover there's no convenient access to parking, whether it's a lot or garage. If you entertain frequently, handy parking for guests is another consideration.

8. Intangibles

Don't discount good old-fashioned chemistry. You might walk into an apartment and get a shiver of intuition telling you, "This is it." This shouldn't be your only criteria, but it pays to listen to your gut.

Despite your best efforts, you might discover that you and your new apartment are not meant to be. Your complete satisfaction is the main goal of our Springs on-site management team, and we're so committed to your happiness that we'll release you from your lease for any reason within 30 days of move-in.

Come by and visit one of our luxury apartment communities and learn more about the Springs difference!

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