Surprising Ways to Remove 7 Tough Stains on Clothing and Carpets

March 20, 2018

Ways to Remove Tough Stains on Clothing and CarpetsAn author once wrote that stains tell a story, but it's usually not one that any of us want to hear. The sad truth is that even the tiniest spot on clothing or carpet draws our focus like a magnet, torturing us to no end.

Suffer no more! We've got the lowdown on removing some of the more common wash-resistant stains you'll encounter from day to day. As a bonus, most of these tips are eco-friendly methods that make use of items already on hand in your Springs luxury apartment home.

Top Stain Removal Tips

For best results, treat all stains as soon as possible. Once a soiled garment goes through the washer and dryer, the stain sets and it's virtually impossible to remove.

1. Cooking Grease and Butter

Grease stains may be the ultimate challenge, but they can be overcome.

  • Dishwashing liquid is formulated to cut through grease. Use a sponge or cloth to rub the spot with dishwashing liquid, then rinse. Scrub thick or durable fabrics with an old toothbrush.
  • If remnants of the stain linger, apply rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer or any alcohol-based solution.

2. Chocolate

If you have kids, chocolate stains are a guaranteed fact of life.

  • Turn the garment inside out and place it stained-side down on several layers of paper towel. This lets you "push" the stain onto the paper and off the clothing.
  • Use a soft cloth to blot the stain with a mixture of one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, one-half teaspoon of ammonia and one cup of cool water. 

3. Red Wine

Nothing can spoil a romantic evening or a festive party more quickly than spilled wine.

  • Immediately sprinkle salt or baking soda on the spot to soak up excess liquid and prevent it from spreading.
  • After 10 minutes, rinse with club soda. That's the time-tested option, but you can also use a solution of equal parts dishwashing liquid and white vinegar.

4. Ink

Hair spray dissolves ink stains like magic. Let the hair spray soak in for several seconds, then blot with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary until the ink is gone.

5. Grass

With summer on the way, grass stains won't be far behind. Dab a small amount of plain white toothpaste (non-gel) on the stain, then rinse a toothbrush in clean water and scrub the stain away. Repeat as needed.

6. Blood

When you're injured, first aid takes top priority. Once you're ready to deal with the stain, simply wet the fabric and add table salt. Rub the fabric together to create abrasion and help the salt do its work.

7. Tomato-Based Foods

That forkful of spaghetti didn't make it to your mouth? Add two tablespoons of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to cold water and let the stain soak for at least 30 minutes.

Dealing with an extra-stubborn stain? There's a growing number of effective non-toxic stain removers on the market today.

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