The City’s Bright Lights or Suburb Living? 7 Questions to Help You Decide

Jean Jones
July 25, 2017

Decide Between City and SuburbsChoosing a luxury apartment home involves important choices about factors like floor plans and amenities, but the first question you should decide is, "city or suburbs?" The only correct answer is whichever one best suits your lifestyle.

Compare these top features of apartment living and how they translate to urban and suburban locations.

1. Big or Small?

Real estate is at a premium in cities, which has a twofold effect: apartments tend to be smaller while rent tends to be higher. According to a recent report published on RENTCafé, rent is more expensive in the city than the suburbs in 18 of the country's top 20 metro areas.

2. Amenities or As-Is?

Available space is also a reason why the only city apartment communities with amenities such as pools, fitness centers and parking are in the expensive high-rises. Suburban apartment communities often have expansive grounds that accommodate a number of desirable amenities.

3. Social Butterfly or Cocooner?

If you like to dance until dawn, you'll probably prefer living in the city, with its multiple options for nightlife and entertainment. You can still have fun in the suburbs, but you'll need to travel a bit further. On the other hand, suburban living is great for anyone with a strong nesting instinct.

4. Skyscraper Buildings or Skyscraper Trees?

Urban landscapes are usually defined by the downtown skyline which can offer some dramatic views, but you could also find yourself looking out at the apartment across the way. Suburbs are primarily residential areas, so your view is likely to incorporate trees and sunshine.

5. Drivers License or Bus Pass?

Most cities offer a wide variety of public transportation options, from buses and trains to car- and bicycle-sharing services. It's difficult to live in the suburbs without owning or leasing a vehicle.

6. Pet-Friendly or Humans Only?

You can find pet-friendly city apartments, but they generally have type, breed and/or size restrictions. And really, isn't it a hassle walking a dog down congested city streets? Our Springs communities have generous pet policies as well as leash-free dog parks for your convenience.

7. Family or Solo?

Urban apartment communities rarely have surrounding grounds where kids can play and ride bikes, so if you have a family you might want to look for one that's close to a park. The tradeoff is that the city has better access to museums, theaters and other cultural and educational opportunities.

Once you've settled on city vs. suburbs, be sure to visit websites of our Springs communities for more helpful tools such as video tours and 3D floor plans, move-or-stay calculators and tips for finding your perfect luxury apartment home.New Call-to-action

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