9 Tips for Creating a Safe and Stylish Kid-Friendly Apartment Home

August 10, 2017

Tips for Creating Kid-friendly Apartment HomeDo you think "kid-friendly home" is synonymous with "boring?" Hip husband -and-wife design team Cortney and Robert Novogratz, themselves parents of a brood of seven, say having children doesn't mean sacrificing style.

Use these tips to transform your Springs luxury apartment home into a safe and stylish sanctuary for you and your kids.

1. A Place for Everything

Leaving toys, games and other kid paraphernalia scattered around is both unsightly and a safety hazard. Make sure everything has a home and get kids in the habit of cleaning up after themselves. Storage benches make great options for double-duty furniture.

2. Who Runs the House?

There's no rule that says parents get the larger bedroom. It might make sense to give the kids the bigger space to accommodate a play area and all their belongings.

3. Start at the Bottom

Area rugs are an attractive and practical solution to protect floors and kids, especially those in the toddler stage. Select from a wide variety of styles that include cartoon characters, educational themes and game "boards."

4. Watch for Sharp Corners

According to United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates, more than 140,000 children aged 5 and younger receive emergency room treatment for table accidents during the year. Opt for coffee and end tables with rounded edges or use corner and edge guards.

5. Not Your Parents' Baby Gates

Old-school baby gates put function ahead of form, but today you can find a number of designs that fit nicely with your decor.

6. White Furniture Is a No-No

Remember that it's your kids' home, also. It's not fair or realistic to install expensive, light-colored furniture and order them to stay away. Choose couches and chairs in darker colors and durable, easy-to-maintain fabrics.

7. You Gotta Have Art

Wall hangings and other pieces of art aren't restricted to grown-ups. Let kids personalize their own space with colorful prints and posters. Consider framing some of their own creations to help create a sense of pride.

8. Build a Creativity Kit

Video games and other electronic entertainment is fine in small doses. Nurture your child's imagination and creativity with a box of arts and crafts supplies that you keep on hand at all times.

9. Do a Safety Check

Sit on the floor for a kid's-eye view of potential dangers that are just too tempting for little ones. Pay special attention to cabinets and drawers as well as electrical outlets and power strips.

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