What It’s Like to Move Into a Springs Apartment Location

Jean Jones
July 24, 2014


Ask anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment before and they’ll agree: the apartment search process can cause some serious headaches. With lots of different hoops to jump through, paperwork to fill out, and properties to see, finding and moving into the perfect new place can seem overwhelming.

Thankfully, at Springs Apartments, we understand that. From our easy-to-use online property finder to our online application process, we’re all about eliminating as many of those apartment search headaches as possible. In fact, to help prepare you for everything that you’ll need to do, here’s a quick list of what you can expect from Springs Apartments during the leasing process:

1) The Search

If you’re ready to start looking for a new apartment, all you have to do is grab your computer, and head on over to our website’s online property finder. Here you’ll find a complete list of every Springs property, broken down by city/metro area. All you have to do is click on a location of interest, and you can search through that specific property’s floor plans, amenities, photos, leasing information, and more!

2) The Visit

Once you’ve found a community or two you’re interested in, it’s time to see them in person. Take a look at the listed office hours for that location and set up a meeting with the leasing team to take a personal tour. They’ll be able to show you a model apartment and answer any questions you have about the community. For example, do you want to know how much utilities typically cost residents during the winter months? Ask away – we’re there to help! As you go through the tour, write down what you like about each community, and compare when you’re done.

3) Applying For a Lease

Now that you’ve seen the different properties, compared your notes, and deliberated about your decision, you’re finally ready to apply for your new apartment home. When you’re ready to apply, you have two options: Contact the leasing professional who took you on your tour and arrange a time to fill out an application or you can complete the entire process online, at your convenience. Make sure you know the date you want to move in, have handy a government issued photo ID, and one month of recent pay stubs or an offer letter from a new employer. In addition to the documents you provide, a credit and criminal background check will be performed.

Once you’ve submitted an application, paid the application fee, administration fees and security deposit, you may get a response immediately, but sometimes it takes up to a week. If the latter is the case, we’ll stay in touch to let you know what is happening.

4) Signing The Lease

Woohoo! Your application was accepted! Once you’ve met our resident approval criteria, it’s finally time to sign that lease and get ready to move into your new apartment. If you’re working online, just keep following the steps. The system will guide you right through. If you’re signing hard copies, be aware that these forms are a number of pages long and require several signatures and initials. Either way, leases are legally binding contracts that protect both parties, so it’s important that you take your time reading the fine print and understand all the terms. Once you’ve made the final signature, you’ll have to take care of details like putting the utilities in your name and providing proof of renters insurance. Then all we’ll need is your first month’s prorated rent and you’ll be ready to move in!

5) Moving In

After you’ve signed your lease and made your first payments, you can finally move into your apartment home. We’ll be ready for you on the date of your move with the keys and the initial move-in checklist. With that very important document, a member of our Springs team, usually maintenance, will go through your apartment with you. Make note of any loose hinges, chips in the paint, or any other minor issues that may be present before you move in. We sincerely hope that the apartment is in tip-top shape when you walk through, but sometimes we miss things that you might see. We want to make sure you’re comfortable in your home,and this will help ensure that you’re only held responsible for repair costs that you might cause as a resident. When you’re done, the team will give you a copy of the completed form and keep a copy in your file.

Want to jumpstart your apartment search process today? Check out the available Springs locations.

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