What To Do If Your Apartment Neighbor’s Dog Won’t Stop Barking (and Other Things That Annoy You)

Jean Jones
March 19, 2015


Living in an apartment community is a great opportunity to develop a circle of friends among your neighbors; that’s one of the reasons Springs Apartments organizes social events where residents can get to know one another in a fun and casual setting. At the very least, most residents look forward to pleasant, amiable interactions with their neighbors.

Despite everyone's best intentions to get along, though, there are bound to be occasions when an event happens that creates an uncomfortable situation between neighbors. For instance, your neighbors next door have a dog that barks while they’re away at work; they leave full (and smelly) garbage bags outside their garage for days before taking them to the trash receptacles; or they allow their kids to leave toys in the parking lot.

What's the best way to resolve these types of issues and keep them from escalating into something even more difficult to handle?

Talk to Your Neighbor About It

When someone is really bothering you, it's hard to believe that the other person might not realize they’re being bothersome or annoying. Maybe all you need to do is politely talk to them about it. We think it is best to think about what you’re going to say to them before approaching them. This way you’re more apt to state your case calmly and not in anger. You’re much more likely to get a good outcome speaking to them in a friendly, neighborly way than getting into a shouting match.

Ask the Springs Team for Help

If you are not comfortable talking directly to your neighbor or the events continue, come talk with us. We can give them reminders about community rules and general neighborly courtesy. Additional steps will be taken when appropriate.

Spring Apartments Courtesy Officers

We know that these things are bound to happen occasionally, so most Springs communities have a Courtesy Officer whose role is to help ensure the well-being of our residents and communities. Your first step in addressing the matter of a noisy four-legged "neighbor" or other annoyance is to talk to your Courtesy Officer. After hours, call the maintenance phone number and select the option for the Courtesy Officer. These men and women are experienced at facilitating a peaceful resolution to issues between neighbors.

Our Courtesy Officers Look Out for the Community as a Whole

Your community's Courtesy Officer also has a lot to do with what makes Springs Apartments such great places to live. Part of an officer’s role is to “keep an eye” on all the common areas in the community – the parking lot, entryways, grounds, pool area and others. Your Courtesy Officer spends a fair amount of time after hours monitoring these areas. They let the Springs team know if residents or their guests are not following the rules so that we may follow up appropriately. They will also report to the team on other situations that could pose a hazard or cause distress (that no cars are left “abandoned” in the parking lot…that personal belongings inadvertently left in the pool area are returned to their owner…that a fallen tree limb is removed from a walkway) – all in an effort to enhance every resident’s experience living in our communities.

Your comfort is a top priority at our Springs communities. If you have an issue with a neighbor that you haven’t been able to resolve on your own (or don’t feel comfortable doing so), give us a call. Our team is here to help!

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