12 of Our Favorite Organizing Tips

Jean Jones
June 19, 2014

Most everyone will tell you that he or she would benefit from being more organized; with a few practical approaches in place, we’d all save time and the frustration of not being able to find what we need, when we need it. So, the team at Springs has collected a few of our favorite ideas from the web and from our residents. Not only will these tips help you stay organized, but in some cases will help extend your storage for everyday items!

Tip 1 - From Martha Stewart

Hang shelves upside down so that the brackets automatically create built-in compartments. Use for books at your bedside, as CD or DVD racks, to organize sweaters in your closet or above a desk as added storage.



Tip 2 - From tatertotsandjello.com

Keep junk drawers a little tidier (and your “junk” easier to find) by placing small plastic containers inside them; keep the bins in place by putting easy-to-remove adhesive putty (Ticky Tack® is one brand) on the bottom corners of the containers.



Tip 3 - From mrspollyrogers.com

Use an empty cardboard 6-pack carrier to store cleaning products and supplies under your sink or for toiletries in your bathroom or closet



Tip 4 - From mrspollyrogers.com

Use a magazine storage container to hold all your kitchen wraps; place the wraps upright, then store the container under the sink



Tip 5 - From Better Homes & Gardens

Use wire CD racks to keep your plastic container lids orderly. These items can be put in the bottom of a drawer without any tools – just drop them in and load ‘em up with lids!



Tip 6 - From Good Housekeeping

Storage containers aren’t just for closets and desktops. Use clear stackable containers to organize your refrigerator – no more lost food that has to be tossed out!



Tip 7 - From a Springs team member

Stick an adhesive hook (one brand is 3M’s Command®) onto the inside of cupboard doors to hold the kitchen items you reach for most, like measuring spoons and scissors. These hooks are also great for necklaces and scarves.


Tip 8 - From littlepenelopelane.blogspot.com

A cutlery tray makes a great bathroom organizer; use it to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, and other bathroom-related items like lotions, tweezers and makeup.



From Springs team members:
Tip 9
Double the functionality and expand the storage capacity of your under-sink and lower cabinet areas by placing plastic stacking bins inside them

Tip 10
A tiered wire produce basket makes a great bathroom or kitchen storage item for things like scrubbing pads and toiletries

Tip 11
The backs of doors are great places to hang a storage panel; use it to organize jewelry or stash small clothing items

Tip 12
Keep your pairs of earrings together and easy to see by using a plastic ice cube tray to store them


We want to hear from our Springs family – what organizing ideas have worked well for you? We’ll post a follow-up and let you all know what we learn!

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