3 Reasons to Take Part in Springs Community Activities

Jean Jones
June 24, 2014


All of our Springs teams (we’ve got 21 locations in the U.S.) put a special focus on creating residential communities; we don’t “run properties” or “manage buildings.” To do that involves plenty of amenities and services, contemporary design, security measures, and much more. And, we focus on the community itself – bringing people together so they feel as though they’re part of a neighborhood.

Depending on the location, we host activities for residents about every month or so. Some of the more recent events include:

  • Pancake breakfast
  • Father’s Day BBQ
  • Specialty beer tasting
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Cinco De Mayo happy hour

Attendance at our events is always very good because our residents know these 3 things:

1. You get a chance to meet other residents.

You may pass them walking to your front door, see them on their balconies or cross paths on your way to the pool, but you probably haven’t stopped to talk to other residents. Springs-hosted gatherings give you the opportunity to learn more about your neighbors in a casual setting and foster a few new friendships. Everyone leads busy lives and meeting new people can be tough, but the Springs events make it easy and convenient.

2. They’re fun!

Based on these pictures, you can see everyone is having a good time!





3. It’s good for the community.

When you live among other people, the quickest way to build mutual respect and understanding is to get to know one another. Springs community events keep residents from “living in silos” and to have positive relationships with other residents – something that’s especially important if a situation arises where you need to talk to a neighbor about an issue you might be having.

You’ve seen some of our pictures – now we’d like to see yours! If you have some photos of one of the Springs events you’ve attended, please share and we’ll post our favorites. Let us know what the event was and why you liked it.

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