6 Easy and Effective Fitness Workouts for Beginners

November 20, 2018

6-Easy-and-Effective-Fitness-Workouts-BeginnersDoctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise at least five times per week for basic fitness, but even that can seem intimidating if you've spent more time on the couch than in the gym.

The good news is that you can work up to that level while still getting health benefits. You don't have to go any further than the fully-equipped 24/7 fitness centers in our Springs luxury apartment communities to do these introductory workouts.

20-Minute Cardio Workout

Cardio exercise is great for weight loss because it helps the body process energy more efficiently, but it also makes everyday activities much easier. This 20-minute workout takes you through various levels of intensity for brief periods, so it's a good way to ease into exercise if you've been sedentary for a while.

This workout can be done on a treadmill, elliptical machine or even walking outdoors. Choose your favorite method or alternate between sessions to add variety.

15-Minute Yoga Workout

In addition to improved tone and flexibility, yoga teaches you to become more mindful, which can lead to a feeling of inner peace. You don't need an instructor to go through these basic poses that involve all parts of your body. 

Strength Training Workout for Beginners

Does the term "weight training" conjure up visions of muscle-bound bodies? The truth is that light weight training creates lean, defined muscles while strengthening bones and joints to make you less injury-prone. 

This simple but effective workout combines light dumbbell work with moves such as squats and lunges where your own body weight provides resistance.

7 Easy Balance Moves

Balance is a quality that is often overlooked by fledgling exercisers. Like cardio, balance moves make everyday activities easier by building a strong core. Start workouts with these balance exercises to warm up muscles and focus your mind.

Full-Body Stretching Exercises

Every fitness routine should end with stretching to keep the body limber and reduce post-workout soreness. These stretches can be done after a workout or anytime during the day if you're feeling some stiffness. 


Whichever types of workouts you choose, apply the F.I.T.T. principle to reach your goals. The four elements of F.I.T.T. are:

  • Frequency. How often do you work out?

  • Intensity. How hard are you working?

  • Time. How long are your workouts?

  • Type. Cardio, strength, stretching? 

There are many ways to be active. When it's too nice to be indoors, head over to our resort-style pool to swim some laps or try this 20-minute water aerobics routine. Have a favorite workout? Let others know about it in the comments! 

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