5 Ways Living at Springs Apartments Can Save You Time & Money

August 20, 2019

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Becoming a resident at a Springs Apartment community means you can live in luxury while also saving thousands of dollars per year! Below are a few reasons why living at a Springs Apartment community could be the most cost-effective decision you ever make.


Rent Savings

Renting a luxury apartment may appear costly but renting your home at the Springs can save you thousands of dollars every year! Owning a house or condo requires a large down payment, property taxes, maintenance costs, monthly mortgage payments and other hefty monthly expenses. Here at the Springs, you won’t have to worry about any of this! The only living costs you are responsible for are a one-time deposit, your monthly rent, utilities and renters’ insurance. Our professional on-site team will walk you through each step of the leasing process to ensure you have a smooth and informative experience.

On-Site Maintenance Teams

Our on-site maintenance team will gladly take care of any upkeep and any issues that may arise, so say goodbye to mowing the lawn or paying a pricey plumber. Maintenance costs are already built into your rent, so there are no extra fees! Our professional maintenance teams ensure each Springs community have beautifully landscaped and maintained grounds that you will be proud to call home!

24/7 Fitness Center

Our fully equipped 24-hour fitness center can save you both time and money no matter what you do to stay in shape!  According to the USA Today, the average gym membership costs around $60 per month, adding up to over $700 per year! By living at the Springs, you save yourself hundreds of dollars in gym fees as well as time spent commuting to the gym. You won’t have to head to a park, health club or gym in order to stay fit and healthy.

Complimentary Coffee Bar

Whether you brew coffee at home or prefer to purchase it at a coffee shop, our complimentary coffee bar located in the Springs clubhouse can save you hundreds of dollars every year! In 2018, the average cost of a cup of coffee at a typical coffee shop such as Starbucks was $3.12. If purchased 5 days per week, that adds up to $811 per year! Our complimentary coffee bar is an alternative that will save you money and time no matter how you prefer your daily cup of Joe. 

Convenient Location

Each of our Springs Apartment locations is carefully selected ensuring you are conveniently near all the shopping, dining and grocery you need! Our communities also boast easy access to interstates, reputable employers and local school systems, ensuring you won’t have to spend excessive gas and time commuting. These savings will give you more quality time to spend with family and friends at our resort-style swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, outdoor grill and patio, and leash-free pet playground!


With over 50 locations nationwide, Springs Apartments offers an unbeatable living experience and 5-Star Customer Service. Contact us to learn more! 

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