The Great Debate: Answers to Your Questions about Renting a Home vs. Apartment

November 08, 2018

renting-house-vs-apartmentThanks to factors such as the post-housing crash fallout, student loan debt and population mobility, more Americans are renting homes than at any time since 1965. The choice of house or apartment depends on your lifestyle as well as some major fundamental differences.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of renting a house vs. apartment. Which features resonate most with you?


Square footage is the most obvious difference between a single-family house and an apartment. According to the National Apartment Association, the median size of new apartments is 1,085 square feet while the median size of new houses is 2,422 square feet. While many older homes may offer more square footage than an apartment, the floor plans are often limiting. Our Springs luxury apartment homes boast a spacious and functional floor plan that maximizes living spaces and offers modern amenities.


The flip side of the size difference is that apartments are frequently more affordable. For a true representation of cost, calculate the amount of rent per square foot for a house vs. apartment.

In addition to the rent, utilities such as power and water are usually lower in apartments. It's also more expensive to furnish a single-family house, and you often have to provide all your own appliances. At Springs apartment communities, most of our apartments have upgraded stainless steel appliances.


Some houses tend to be located in urban areas in addition to outer suburbs, which should weigh in your decision regarding access to transportation, public transit, services and entertainment. Apartment communities, like Springs luxury apartment homes, are frequently found in adjacent suburbs where public transportation may not be as accessible, but the added bonus of more privacy, walking trails, pet-friendly communities and less congestion are very appealing to many. Nightlife and social activities are still only minutes away, and shopping centers are usually very accessible.


Are you all thumbs when it comes to repairs? Apartment communities, like Springs luxury apartments, have dedicated maintenance teams to promptly handle emergencies and major repairs. They also handle other upkeep outside your living space, such as grounds upkeep. When you rent a house, you're responsible for much of the maintenance or are at the mercy of the landlord's schedule. One of the major responsibilities home renters often face is mowing the lawn, raking leaves, pulling weeds or, in colder climates, shoveling snow. This also means you might need to invest in a lawnmower, shovels and other necessary tools and equipment.


Single-family homes have no common walls or hallways, making noise and passers-by less of an issue for both you and your neighbors. In the case of our Springs luxury apartment homes, each one has a private entrance that provides a townhouse-style atmosphereThe privacy offered is comparable to that of a house and, if concerns arise with a neighbor, the onsite management team is available to help resolve any issues.


Do you enjoy weekend cookouts or a refreshing dip in a pool? When you rent a house, you're generally left to your own devices for such extras. Communities such as Springs include a wide range of luxury amenities, such as 24/7 fitness centers and outdoor grilling stations, at no extra charge.

Social Life

Adults living in a house frequently have to put greater effort into making friends and seeking out social activities, while personal interaction is much easier in an apartment community. Our onsite management teams love to encourage residents to mingle by hosting special events such as happy hours and holiday parties.

When it comes to house vs. apartment, we know you have a variety of options. At Springs, our goal is to provide an elite level of customer service that sets us above the rest. Stop in and talk to a friendly member of our onsite management team about the Springs difference.


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