5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Luxury Apartment in Chicagoland

Jean Jones
March 30, 2016

Luxury-Apartment-Considerations-in-Chicagoland.jpgWhen searching for an apartment, most people aren’t looking for just a place to “hang their hat”; most want a comfortable, convenient place that looks and feels like home. Others want to take it a step further and are searching for a luxury apartment. But what constitutes “luxury” when considering apartments in Chicagoland? While that answer is ultimately up to you, consider the following as “must haves” as you tour apartment communities.

1. Spacious Floor Plans

Square footage is important, but don’t just look at the numbers — notice how each square foot is utilized. An open floor plan typically provides a more spacious feel and flexibility that allows easy flow between rooms (which is especially important when entertaining). Remember that no matter how much space an apartment has, it should be balanced appropriately, with bedrooms, kitchen, eating area and living room sized in ways that make sense for your lifestyle.

2. Community Amenities

In the best luxury apartments today, you’ll find resort-style pools, community rooms residents can use for things like private parties, and 24/7 fitness centers. If you really want top-notch, look at Springs at Orchard Road and Springs at Weber Road; these communities offer outdoor cooking/eating areas, car care and pet care areas, and fenced pet play areas (both are pet-friendly communities). While each will have unique offerings, the better the amenities, the more you'll enjoy being a member of the community.

3. Well-Maintained Grounds and Exteriors

The apartment unit itself is probably your primary point of focus, don’t lose sight of the building and its grounds. Notice any peeling paint, damaged siding, littered walkways or sickly landscaping? That’s not a good sign. Look for an exterior and grounds that show the apartment management cares about the upkeep and appeal of every part of the community.

4. On-Site Management & Maintenance Teams

Dealing with off-site maintenance teams can be a real test of your patience. With on-site teams, any questions or problems can be handled quickly and efficiently. They also offer other perks, such as accepting package deliveries and keeping an eye out on your apartment when you’re out of town.

5. Contemporary Appliances

You’re not really looking at “luxury” if the apartment you’re considering has outdated, shabby appliances. Look for an apartment with up-to-date appliances in contemporary styles and finishes. Bonus points go to apartment communities that offer microwaves and washers and dryers as well.

If luxury is what you’re looking for, you just might have found it in Springs at Orchard Road and Springs at Weber Road. We offer the features and amenities that translate to optimum comfort and convenience. Reach out today for your own tour of these great communities!

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