Top 4 Cozy Coffee Shops in Chicagoland

Jean Jones
January 08, 2018

Top Coffee Shops in Chicagoland.jpgCozy local coffee shops offer more than warm caffeinated beverages. They also provide a welcome place to gather for everything from a satisfying early morning breakfast to a quiet afternoon study session. If you don’t have a go-to spot for a hot cup of coffee and a welcoming sit-down, check out some of our favorite picks.

1. Elgin Books and Coffee
66 S Grove Ave, Elgin

If your perfect cup of coffee goes hand-in-hand with a delicious new read, Elgin Books and Coffee is a must-try stop. Here, you can settle in to a cozy table for two and sip a satisfying beverage while diving in to your latest book. About 15 minutes from our Springs at South Elgin community, this combined bookstore and coffee shop may become your new favorite destination.

2. The Uncommon Palate
316 N River St, East Dundee

The Uncommon Palate holds its coffees to high standards, freshly grinding up to three daily selections which rotate through a dozen or more distinct blends. Order a delicious coffee, espresso, or cappuccino from the barista, or pick up your favorite roast by the ounce or the pound. While you’re in the shop, check out the selection of local food products and unique gift baskets. The Uncommon Palate is just 10 minutes from our Springs at Canterfield apartment community.

3. Higher Grounds Coffee Co.
223 Main St, Lemont

A relative newcomer to the coffee shop scene, Higher Grounds opened in 2016. Less than 20 minutes from our Springs at Weber Road community, this is a great pick for coffee lovers who want a place with a warm and peaceful ambiance. Ideal for studying or reading, this coffee shop serves up a diverse selection of drinks, most of which are on the sweeter side. If you prefer coffees that lack the bitter kick of some darker blends, this is a great spot to try.

4. Ari’s Kitchen
362 N Randall Rd, North Aurora

If bottomless coffee sounds like a dream come true, head to Ari’s Kitchen for your next leisurely breakfast. You’ll find an extensive menu of mouthwatering favorites like omelets, breakfast skillets, crepes and oatmeal. The coffee keeps flowing throughout the meal, and you’ll even get a to-go cup of hot joe to take with you when you leave. Best of all, this popular spot is just two minutes from our Springs at Orchard Road community.

What’s your favorite coffee shop in the Chicagoland area? Share your top picks with other residents in the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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