7 Creative Ways to Turn Walk-In Closets into "Live-In" Closets

July 13, 2017

Turn Walk-In Closets into Live-In ClosetsAre you wishing you could squeeze just a little room for a multi-purpose nook out of your Springs luxury apartment home? Put on your thinking cap and take another look at our generously-sized walk-in closets!

We'll give your creativity a jump-start with these clever and surprising alternative uses for a walk-in closet.

1. Bedroom

Yes, you read that right... bedroom. Turn the walk-in closet into a kid's sleeping area or a mini-guest room. Use a daybed for even more versatility with added seating space.

2. Nursery

Make those 2 a.m. feedings just a little bit easier. When you use the walk-in closet as a nursery, you won't even need to leave your room. There's plenty of space to include a changing station and supplies as well.

3. Office

  • Whether you work from home or just handle household duties, it's nice to have a dedicated office space but you might not want to take up an entire room. A walk-in closet is a perfect size for a desk, chair and file cabinet or two.  
  • Do the kids get easily distracted doing homework in the living room or at the dining table? They'll love having their own personal desk and a space to store books, backpacks and other school materials.

4. Playroom

Picking up toys and games from the living room floor can be a tedious, never-ending job. Give the kids free rein with a "private" playroom that's out of sight when guests are visiting.

5. Crafts and Hobbies Room

Without room to move, creativity can get stifled. Set up shop in the walk-in closet for sewing, needlework, crafts or your own favorite leisure time activity.

6. Library/Reading Nook

Serious reading calls for a cozy corner where you can indulge without interruption. All you need is a comfy chair, reading lamp and small table for a cup of tea or snacks. If you like, add a small bookcase or shelving unit to hold your books.

7. Bar

Do you love to entertain? Open up your party space by converting your walk-in closet to a dry bar. It's a great way to keep people circulating instead of clogging up the kitchen.

Have you come up with an inventive way to use a walk-in closet? Share it with us in the comments!New Call-to-action

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