Here, Kitty, Kitty! 10 DIY Treats to Keep Your Cat Purring for More

April 17, 2018

DIY Treats for Your CatPets, like their humans, rely on high-quality, nutritious foods to remain strong and healthy. We've shared some easy DIY recipes for tasty dog treats you can prepare in your Springs luxury apartment home. Now we're giving equal time to cats and their favorite snacks.

Remember, your cat's diet deserves the same TLC as your own. When making these treats, wash your hands frequently, avoid cross-contamination of ingredients and equipment and store leftovers properly.

1. Tuna Hearts

What better way to show the love than with some sealed-with-a-heart tuna fish treats? It doesn’t need to be Valentine's Day to whip up a batch of these snacks that will last up to 10 days in the fridge.

2. Seafood and Coconut Croutons

These treats with a satisfying crunch incorporate healthy coconut flour, but you can substitute ground-up old-fashioned oats. Either canned tuna or canned salmon will work fine.

3. Organic Chicken and Spinach Treats

Next time you're preparing chicken for dinner, include a little extra to make these crispy nuggets of goodness. If you (or Fluffy) prefer, swap out the chicken for tuna or salmon.

4. Cheesy Treats

Really, who doesn't love cheese? These cheddar and Parmesan nuggets are firm on the outside with a soft, chewy interior.

5. Ripley Bites

These bite-size treats are named after the cat of a food blogger who created the recipe. Add your cat's favorite ingredients, or prepare as-is for a healthy "vegetarian" treat.

6. Peanut Butter Treats

Smooth and creamy peanut butter makes these soft, chewy treats a nice alternative to crunchy snacks. The cookies can be frozen and transferred to the refrigerator as needed. Be sure and do a little taste test first to make sure your pet likes peanut butter.

7. Catnip Crumbles

Preparing this simple mixture of ground beef, eggs and catnip takes only 15 minutes from start to finish. Use them as treats or crumble them for a "garnish" atop Fluffy's regular food.

8. Cat Birthday Cake

All pets should celebrate their special day. Cats don't have the ability to taste sweets, so a conventional cake won't do. But trust us, this fish-flavored treat will seem like the finest chocolate cake to your pet! P.S. This recipe doesn't have to be saved only for birthdays.

9. Frozen Tuna Treats

With summer just around the corner, your cat will stay nice and cool with these "kitty popsicles." They'll keep in the freezer for up to six months, so make a big batch to get Fluffy through the season.

10. Goat Milk-sicle

Here's another refreshing warm-weather treat that includes only one ingredient. Goat milk is easily digestible, but if your cat's stomach is on the sensitive side, use a milk that's formulated specifically for felines. Do NOT use cow milk, which frequently causes gastrointestinal discomfort in cats.

Pamper your pet even when you're away by placing a few treats in one of these entertaining and educational treat dispensers.

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