Farewell, Warm Weather: A Guide to Packing and Storing Summer Clothing

October 17, 2018

Guide to Packing and Storing Summer ClothingWhen fall arrives and temperatures start dropping, wardrobes transition from shorts and tank tops to jeans and sweaters. It signifies that it’s time for summer clothes to go into storage at your Springs luxury apartment home to make room for cold-weather attire.

Before you just shut everything away in a closet or dresser drawers, read these helpful storage tips to keep those fun summer clothes looking good for next year.

What Goes and What Stays?

Start by gathering all your summer clothes together and putting them on the bed. Sort by type (shorts, t-shirts, etc.) and review the items in each pile to decide what to keep and what to toss.

One rule of thumb: anything you haven't worn all season is definitely out. Any cast-offs that are still in decent shape can be donated or sold online or at a thrift shop.

It All Comes Out in the Wash

Even if it's not visible, dirt and other debris can become set into clothing when it's stored for a long period. Everything should be washed or dry cleaned, with special attention given to obvious stains.

Note that clothing should never be stored in dry cleaning bags. The plastic can trap moisture that results in mildew, causing items to become yellowed and damaged.

What's the Hang-Up?

All of our Springs apartments feature walk-in closets that provide generous room for storage. Use shaped, non-slip hangers rather than thin wire ones that can cause wrinkles.

If you use garment bags, choose ones made from fabric that allows air to circulate for freshness. Save money with a DIY version by simply cutting a hole for hangers in the middle of a cotton sheet or pillowcase.

Pack and Save

When it comes to items that are packed rather than hung, there are a number of good options.

  • Plastic containers come in a wide range of sizes to fit into available spaces. Look for ones with "#5" displayed in the recycling triangle, which indicates that the container is made from cast polypropylene and safe for clothing. Be sure to clean the inside with disinfectant first.
  • Cardboard boxes are an inexpensive solution. Use boxes that are sturdy and line each one with acid-free tissue paper that will prevent chemicals in the cardboard from leaching onto the clothes.
  • Luggage is another convenient container that you're likely to have on hand already.
  • Maximize limited space with vacuum storage bags that can also be used for traveling.

Whichever method you choose, rolling the items rather than folding them keeps creases from forming. Toss in a cedar sachet to deter moths and other pests, and label each container so you can quickly find items when you want them.

Don't let cooler weather cause you to slack off on your workouts. The climate is always comfortable inside the 24/7 fitness centers at our Springs luxury apartment communities. You'll be in warm weather shape when it's time to pull out those bathing suits and crop tops again!

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