How Long Can a Visitor Stay in My Apartment? 4 Questions and Answers About Overnight Guests

October 05, 2018

Overnight GuestsIn our mobile society, many people live in a different city or even a different state from family and friends. It's always a pleasure to have them come and visit, but at some point it can become a sticky question: when does "visitor" cross the line to "roommate?"

We want residents of our Springs luxury apartment communities to enjoy the company of their loved ones without fear of breaking any rules. Here's a look at the policies regarding overnight visitors.

How Long Can a Visitor Stay?

There's an easy answer to this basic question. Overnight guests can stay up to one week without any restrictions. After that point, a visitor is considered a resident who is then subject to the same application and screening process you followed to be added to the lease.

Can Springs Refuse Permission for Guests?

All visitors are welcome, provided they don't break the rules of the lease or any local, state or federal laws.

What Happens If the Visitor Doesn't Submit an Application?

If we have reason to believe that a visitor has been staying in an apartment for longer than seven days, we contact the resident to look into the situation and issue a lease violation when applicable. Once that happens and the visitor still takes no steps to resolve the situation, we can proceed with legal action up to and including eviction.

Why Is There a Limit to How Long a Visitor Can Stay?

Limiting the stay of overnight guests is done for everyone's protection. It assures others that everyone living in the residence has undergone the same application and screening process. It also reduces the risk of a "friend" turning into an overly dependent friend and ensures us that the appropriate people take responsibility for the apartment. For safety reasons, it's also important for us to know exactly how many residents are living in our community.

Our goal is to maintain a luxury apartment community where all residents feel safe, comfortable and happy. Stop in and chat with a member of our Springs on-site management team if you have any questions about hosting visitors in your apartment.

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