Gym Rat in January, Couch Potato by February? 8 Tips to Maintain Workout Motivation in 2018

January 04, 2018

Tips to Maintain Workout Motivation in 2018Is 2018 the year you're finally going to get into shape? Unfortunately, we all know making the decision is only half the battle. Now comes the hard part of making fitness a consistent part of your lifestyle.

Here are helpful tips from others who have been in the same situation. Use the ones that work for you, or let them inspire you to create your own tricks.

Plan Your Workout and Work Your Plan

When we schedule appointments, those become firm commitments of our time. Show the same consideration by scheduling your workouts. Write them down and set a reminder alarm on your smartphone.

Technology Is Your Friend

Cardio, yoga, running, weight training... no matter what type of workout you choose, there's a fitness app that will help you make the most of it. You might also find it useful to invest in a FitBit or other fitness tracker.

Early to Rise

No matter how good your intentions are, it's easy to let the events and demands of the day sidetrack you. Work out first thing in the morning so you're free to focus on your other responsibilities. As a bonus, you'll get a great energy boost to carry you through the day.

It Takes Two

You can rationalize to yourself, but it's much harder to make excuses to someone else. Find a workout partner who will keep you accountable and provide motivation to improve.

Be Realistic

While it may seem that way, you didn't get out of shape overnight, so don't expect to accomplish miracles. Start with modest but effective goals, such as committing to one hour a day, three to four times a week. Exceeding your goals is always allowed!

Keep a Workout Journal

Before each workout, write down the time of day and your mood. Afterwards, log what you did along with how you felt during and after the workout. Include any details, physical and emotional, that you feel are relevant. When you're lacking motivation, read your journal to remind yourself how great workouts make you feel. It's also a perfect way to record your accomplishments and see what works and what doesn't.

Make It Entertaining

Music is a classic motivator. With digital tunes and streaming services, any type of music you want is literally at your fingertips, and you can change it up any time you like. If you prefer, catch up on the latest bestsellers with audiobooks. You'll have to work out to learn how the story ends!

No Risk, No Reward

Got your heart set on a fabulous pair of shoes or tickets to the big game? Challenge yourself by assigning rewards to each one of your goals. Whatever you choose, it'll mean even more to you because you earned it.

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