Plan Ahead: 8 Items to Bring to a Lease Signing

October 03, 2018

Lease SigningSo you've found the perfect apartment and you head over to the lease signing, cash in hand. Surely that's all you need, right?

Leasing an apartment is a major financial commitment in which both sides have responsibilities. Be prepared to demonstrate your value as a resident by bringing these items to your Springs luxury apartment home lease signing.

Picture Identification

Nearly every significant life decision, such as getting married or enrolling in college, requires proof of identity. Any government-issued ID, including drivers license and passport, is acceptable.

Proof of Employment

First month's rent and security deposit are only part of the equation. Your landlord needs reasonable assurances that you can afford the apartment and you'll be able to pay rent on time going forward. Depending on your situation, you should provide:

  • Minimum of two months' worth of pay stubs, direct deposit statements or any documentation of current salary
  • Signed offer of employment if you're a recent college graduate or currently unemployed
  • Last year's income tax return if you're self-employed

Residence History

Depending on how long you have resided in each location, you should have addresses of at least the last three places where you've lived. If they were apartment homes, include the name of the community and the phone number of the landlord or management team.

Credit Information

Credit checks are standard when leasing an apartment. Bring along a current credit report if you have it, but in most cases you'll give permission to the landlord or leasing agent to request one.


If you're leasing your first apartment or you've moved frequently, it's a good idea to have reference letters from past landlords or other non-relatives who can vouch for your responsibility. It's a valuable rule of thumb to have them anytime you think other documentation isn't enough.


Applicants who are leasing their first apartment or have a spotty credit history may still be able to obtain a lease with another qualified person as a co-signer.

Pet Health Records

Pet owners should have copies of vet records showing that vaccinations are up-to-date and their pet is in good health.


Don't show up without it! Some communities ask for initial payments by money order, so check first to see if this is the case. Personal checks are usually acceptable going forward, although our Springs communities offer online rent payment for your convenience.

Do you have more questions about your lease signing? Our Springs on-site management teams are always happy to help.

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