Put Some Resolve in Your Resolutions: 7 Tips for Reaching Your 2018 Goals in the Twin Cities

December 18, 2017

Tips for Reaching 2018 Goals in Twin Cities2018 is almost here at our Springs Twin Cities luxury apartment communities. Did you know that less than 10 percent of people who make New Year's resolutions end up keeping them?

Making New Year's resolutions is easy, but sticking with them longer than a week is hard. Use these "resolution" resolutions to maintain your good intentions all the way through to 2019.

1. Don't Overdo It

Enthusiasm for the new year can lead you to be overambitious in setting goals. As a result, you feel overwhelmed and unable to follow through with any of them. There's no minimum requirement for resolutions. Choose one part of your life that you want to improve, or simply set one goal that you can focus all your energy on.

2. Be Specific

Maybe you want to spend more time with family and friends this year. When a resolution is this vague, how do you know if you've accomplished it? Set a specific goal, such as "This year I'll plan one activity each week with a friend or family member."

3. Know the Reason Why

People often make automatic resolutions, such as losing 10 pounds or quitting smoking, just because they think they should. These goals are fine, but whatever you choose, understand why that goal is important to you and remind yourself often.

4. Put It in Writing

What if we told you that in just a few minutes you could increase the chances of keeping your resolutions by 42 percent? Write them down! This simple act lets you draw on the power of both the logical left side and creative right side of your brain. Of course, in the 21st century the act of writing doesn't have to involve paper and pen. There are several free goal-setting apps that help you stay on course.

5. Take Baby Steps

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu spoke those words centuries ago, but they still hold true today. Even the most ambitious goal becomes more manageable when you break it down into a series of smaller steps.

6. Plan for Failure

People get discouraged when they hit roadblocks, thinking it means that they don't have enough willpower to be successful. The truth is that temptation and setbacks are inevitable, but they don't have to be fatal. Consider possible barriers you might encounter and prepare a game plan to deal with them.

7. Dangle Some "Carrots"

Resolutions are often intangible, so give yourself something visible to direct your focus. Create a wish list and assign a reward to each step along the way, with a special treat for attaining your final goal.

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