Where To Find Free Wi-Fi in the Twin Cities and Rochester

August 24, 2015


How did we ever accomplish anything in the days before laptops, cell phones and tablets? Fortunately, the answer to this rhetorical question is moot because our society is more connected than ever. 

This high-tech revolution has led many businesses and institutions to offer the convenience of free Wi-Fi. Here are some of the many locations that welcome you and your device of choice.


As one of the first large U.S. cities to go wireless, Minneapolis has been ahead of the digital curve. In 2006 the city signed a 10-year contract with USI Wireless of Minnetonka, authorizing the company to build and manage a wireless network. 

Look for signs designating "Free Wireless Minnesota Hotspot" or look for the wireless network connection named "USIW Free Wi-Fi." This map also highlights the 117 intersections where you can connect.


All public libraries in St. Paul offer free Wi-Fi. Here are some of the other locations where you can surf the Net:

  • Alliance Bank Center, 55 - 5th Street E.
  • Amore Coffee, 879 Smith Avenue S.
  • Aromas Art House Café, 488 Robert Street N.
  • Bravo! Café and Bakery, 1106 Grand Avenue
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 80 N. Snelling Avenue
  • Caribou Coffee, multiple locations
  • Gabe's by the Park, 991 Lexington Parkway N.
  • Golden's, 275 E. 4th Street
  • Holiday Inn River Centre, 175 W. 7th Street
  • Minnesota History Center Museum, 345 W. Kellogg Boulevard
  • Taylor's Roadside Pizza & Wings, 296 Larpenteur Avenue E.


  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 3458 - 55th Street NW
  • Café Presto, 1223 SW 2nd Avenue
  • Café Steam, 315 S. Broadway
  • Dunn Bros. Coffee, several locations
  • Lord Essex Tavern, 20 SW 2nd Avenue
  • Mac's Café and Restaurant, 20 - 1st Avenue SW
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Panera Bread, several locations
  • Rochester Public Library, 101 - 2nd Street SE

In addition, free Wi-Fi is available at all McDonald's and Starbucks locations.

Do you know of any more hotspots that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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