6 Ways to Add Color to Your San Antonio Apartment Without Paint

(February 25, 2016)

Add-Color-Without-Paint-SA.jpgWhen it comes to decorating your San Antonio apartment home, pops of color are a great way to add life and personality to any room. Looking for a little inspiration? No paintbrush is needed for these creative and easy options.

1. Drape the Walls in Color

Do you love the idea of a bold accent wall? Fabric makes a perfect wall covering that's non-permanent and easy to install. You can either stretch the fabric directly across the wall and secure it with thumbtacks, or cover a thin piece of foam board that is cut to fit.

2. Jazz Up Some Bookshelves

Bookshelves are usually considered purely functional pieces, but they make a nice canvas for color and patterns. You can paint the entire unit or add some strategic splashes of color. For a more subtle effect, paint or paper the backs of the individual nooks.


3. Wallpaper as Art

If you really love the look of wallpaper, displaying a panel in a large frame is an inventive way to use it in a non-permanent way. Hang a single frame, or create a theme with multiple frames across a wall.

4. Update an Old Look

Do you have some furniture pieces that have seen better days? A coat of colorful paint can totally transform them. Not only will you get a whole new look, by repurposing instead of trashing them, you'll be helping the environment.

5. Add a Natural Touch

Houseplants and flowers brighten up any room. Put a flower arrangement in the center of the dining table, or display some plants in colorful containers. A terrarium makes a charming focal point for a coffee table or end table. As a bonus, there are a number of eco-friendly houseplants that help to purify the air. 

6. Color as Comfort

Throw pillows, light blankets and wraps come in an infinite variety of colors and patterns. They're inexpensive and easy, so you can change the look for the seasons or really any time you feel like it.

What colors have you added to your Springs Apartment home in San Antonio? Tell us in the comments!

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