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Need 2 Bedrooms or 3? 7 Questions to Help You Decide

(August 01, 2017)


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

When you draw up a wish list for your new apartment, it probably includes features such as modern appliances, a swimming pool and walk-in closets. How do you make the call on how many bedrooms you need or want?

Here’s a checklist of questions to help you zero in on whether a two- or three-bedroom apartment will accommodate your lifestyle more effectively.

1. Do You Have a Growing Family?

When you’re choosing between a two- and three-bedroom apartment, the size of your family is an obvious factor, but don’t stop there. Are you thinking about adding a new member (or members)? Considering your future plans could save you from growing pains down the road.

2. Do You Have Frequent Overnight Guests?

If you have out-of-town company only occasionally, a two-bedroom apartment is probably sufficient. If your Springs luxury apartment home will be a popular destination for friends and family, a three-bedroom is a better choice.

3. Do You Work from Home?

Are you one of the 43 percent of Americans who work remotely at least part of the time? An extra bedroom gives you a convenient place to set up shop. This also applies to leisure time activities such as sewing or crafting that tend to take up a lot of room.

Did you answer “Yes” to #2 and #3? You definitely need a three-bedroom apartment.

4. Do You Plan on Having Roommates?

Sharing your apartment with roommates is a great way to save money. With rent and other expenses divided between more people, a three-bedroom apartment could actually be less expensive than a two-bedroom apartment.

5. Do You Entertain Often?

There are creative ways to entertain in any size apartment, but if you throw a lot of parties you’ll probably prefer having the extra room. You could even use a bedroom as a formal dining room for dinner parties or a buffet set-up.

6. Do You Need a Lot of Storage?

If you have extra furniture and other belongings to be stored, a three-bedroom apartment could be less expensive, safer and more convenient than a self-storage unit.

7. Do You Need a Tie-Breaker?

An extra bedroom could tip the scales if you have a difficult time deciding between two similar apartments.

Our Springs communities have online tools such as 3D floor plans, interactive space planners, and video tours so you can do your research right from your laptop or mobile device. If you have other questions, stop in and talk to a member of our on-site management team.New Call-to-action

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