The Apartment Hunter's Timeline

Jean Jones
February 07, 2017

the-apartment-hunters-timeline.jpgYou can hire personal shoppers to handle everything from groceries to clothing, but finding a luxury apartment is strictly a DIY job. Organizing your search goes a long way toward making it a smooth and successful one. Here is a helpful timeline that breaks down the apartment search into a series of steps leading up to moving day.

T Minus 60+ Days

  • Plan your monthly budget. Experts recommend dividing your gross annual income by 40. Be sure to include utilities, cable and any other relevant housing expenses.
  • Research the neighborhood or city where you will be moving and identify 10 to 12 apartment communities you’d like to consider.

T Minus 30 to 40 Days

  • Begin scheduling apartment tours. If you start sooner than this, there's a good chance the apartment you want will be gone by the time you're ready to move.
  • Have your checkbook, references, current check stub and driver’s license or other photo ID with you during your tours so you're prepared to fill out an application immediately if you find the right place.
  • Start packing lesser-used items. This is a good time to weed out any unwanted possessions and sell or donate them.

T Minus 25 to 30 Days

  • Once you decide on an apartment, submit an application. The approval process shouldn't take more than a few days, but don't make any assumptions until you have both a signed lease and keys in hand.

T Minus 10 to 20 Days

  • Ensure that any necessary paperwork has been completed.
  • Finalize a move-in date with the landlord or management.
  • Plan your moving arrangements, whether you'll be hiring a moving company or depending on the kindness of friends.

T Minus 10 to 15 Days

  • Contact utility companies, including electric, gas, phone, cable and Internet, to schedule service.
  • Update your renters insurance.
  • Submit a change of address to the post office. This can be done in person or online.
  • Coordinate a walk-through time with the landlord or management.

At Springs, your satisfaction is our main concern from the first moment you set foot in one of our luxury communities. Our cheerful on-site management team is ready to answer any questions from the time you first visit through moving day and beyond.

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