Green is the New Black — 10 Tips for Eco-friendly Apartment Living

Jean Jones
October 05, 2017

Tips for Eco-Friendly Apartment LivingGreen living started as a way to keep our planet healthy, but it can keep you and your bank account healthy as well. Have you truly made a commitment to eco-awareness in your Springs luxury apartment home?

Use these easy-to-follow green living tips in your day-to-day activities and they'll soon become second nature.

1. Start at the Beginning

Measure your personal ecological footprint for a better understanding of how your lifestyle affects the environment. The results will give you an idea of where you can make some immediate changes.

2. Ditch the Plastic Bottles

We all know that plastic water bottles clog landfills, but did you know they also deplete the water supply? It takes three liters of water to manufacture a one-liter plastic bottle. Reusable bottles are practical and convenient.

3. B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bag)

Shopping bags, whether they're paper or plastic, consume resources. Even if you recycle, they build up faster than you can use them. Keep canvas or burlap shopping bags in your car so they're readily available.

4. Some Like It Cold

Our ancestors boiled clothes to get them clean, but today's washing machines and laundry detergents make cold-water washing just as effective. As a bonus, you can save up to twenty-five cents with each load that you run with cold water.

5. Eat Your (Organic) Veggies

Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers have become controversial due to their effect on the planet and our health. Make a point to shop for organic produce that's grown naturally. If it's too hard on your budget, at least avoid strawberries, spinach, peaches, apples and bell peppers, which are among those with the highest levels of pesticides.

6. Everything Old Is New Again

Vintage clothing is chic and trendy, and you can make some great inexpensive finds in resale and consignment shops. People will start complimenting you on your unique individual style, and you'll never have to worry about someone showing up in your identical outfit.

7. Be a Late Adopter

The frenzy to own the latest and greatest tech gadgets is creating electronic waste and using up precious resources to meet the demand. It may take some self-control, but get in the habit of using devices for the actual length of their lifespan.

8. Look for the "Fair Trade" Label

If you're a coffee addict, buy from retailers that offer Fair Trade Certified products. This guarantees that you're supporting sustainable growing practices as well as better conditions for farmers.

9. Adopt, Don't Shop

Animal abuse and overpopulation are heartbreaking problems in our society. Bring home a rescue puppy or kitty to share your Springs pet-friendly apartment home.

10. Go Green ... Literally

NASA studies have confirmed that certain houseplants have valuable air-purifying properties. Indoor greenery is also a mood elevator and adds a nice decorative touch.

We encourage residents of our Springs luxury apartment communities to practice green living wherever possible. Share your best eco-friendly tips with us in the comments!New Call-to-action

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