Taking the Plunge: 8 Tips for Successfully Moving in with Your Significant Other

October 10, 2017

Tips for Moving In with your Significant OtherMoving into one of our Springs luxury apartment homes with your significant other may sound romantic in theory. Unfortunately, the realities of day-to-day living can knock those stars out of your eyes pretty quickly.

Don't let cohabitation put your relationship at risk. Use these tips to plan a down-to-earth transition that leads to "happily ever after."

1. Start Out on the Same Page

If you're at the point of moving in together, you're at the point of thinking about the future. Do you both believe that marriage is in the cards, or are you content to remain in unwedded bliss? Better to find out now whether you're moving in the same direction.

2. Be Upfront About Expenses

3. Invest in Storage

As you merge your households, chances are you won't need two of everything, but that doesn't mean either of you will be perfectly content to dispose of the extras. Rent an inexpensive storage unit so these items are out of the way yet easily accessible.

4. Allocate the Chores

Housework is one area where things can quickly go sideways, especially if one of you is tidier than the other. Create a permanent division of labor by chores, not by time, so you don't end up arguing about whose turn it is to take out the garbage.

5. Discuss Social Time

One of you may be fine with the pop-in while the other prefers structure. Discuss how the two of you will handle visits from friends, including how much notice you should have and how late they will stay.

6. Don't Be Offended by Closed Doors

Everyone needs private time. When your partner needs some space, don't assume that it's about you. It's also a good idea for each of you to have a nook or a spot that's yours alone.

7. Have a List of Dealbreakers

Yes, a relationship is about compromise, but everyone has those pet peeves that are like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe you don't like talking before your first cup of coffee, or dirty towels on the bathroom floor drive you crazy. Be honest and decide whether you can tolerate these things or they're an absolute no-no.

8. Plan Time Together

As couples spend more time together, they can start to take each other for granted. Make a point of planning activities to keep the fun and romance in your relationship, even if it's just a night of popcorn and binge-watching House of Cards.

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