The Value Of Great Service When Choosing Your Next Apartment

Jean Jones
May 05, 2014

A property’s amenities and service are two of the most important considerations as you’re choosing an apartment as your next home. Amenities are the features that help make a place feel special – a place you want to show off to friends, like stainless steel appliances, wood-vinyl flooring, granite countertops and attached garages, all of which Springs offers.

Service, though, is a different thing. Service is a “whatever it takes” attitude toward residents’ needs, but not really property-related needs – we’re talking about needs people have related to their everyday lives and stressful schedules. Service to Springs means helping make residents’ lives easier by taking care to do things like letting a resident’s dog out who is stuck away from home because of storms; helping carrying heavy packages to someone’s apartment; and coming up with helpful suggestions that help folks get settled and familiar with a new city.

Springs Apartments’ Approach to Service

Why does Springs do these things? Because we know that all the upscale features in the world couldn’t make up for a disinterested approach to residents’ needs. It’s our connection with residents and genuine consideration for them that really defines a Springs property.

Below are a few of the more tangible examples of the features we developed as a result of our overall service mentality. Use these if you’re looking for a place to live as a benchmark to evaluate different properties. We think you’ll find that we’re unique in this way!

  • Breakfast On The Go. Everyone needs breakfast, but who has time to cook? Occasionally we do it for you!

  • St. Patrick's Day beer tasting. These and other great get-togethers give residents a sort of "on-site" family

  • Free car care center. A convenient way to wash your car and top off fluids to eliminate a special trip to get these done

  • Resort-style pool with outdoor kitchen and grill. Swimming is great, but some people want to do more around the pool, and we make that possible! 

  • 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center. Getting in a workout doesn't always fit between 8 and 5, so ours is open around the clock

  • Free wireless and coffee bar in the clubhouse. Lets you get out of your apartment to catch up on work

  • On-site management whose job it is to assist you in any way possible. Management is not remote or removed from everyday Springs life

  • 24-hour emergency maintenance response. If your air conditioning quits at midnight, you don't want to wait until morning to get some sleep!

  • Flexible lease terms. We know situations don’t always align with a 1-year lease, so we make ours flexible to suit you and even offer a 1-month lease guarantee. If for any reason your situation or needs change within the first month of your lease, you can end your lease without any strings attached

Usually when visiting a property the first place a potential resident stops is the property office. As you start your search for an apartment you can call home, notice how the property representative greets you (if he or she greets you at all). Is this person eager and welcoming, or are distracted and uninterested?

The signals you get here, as you’re still considering where to live, are a great indication of how you’ll be treated as a resident.

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