8 Ways To Give Your Apartment A Springtime Lift

Jean Jones
May 13, 2014

give-your-apartment-spring-time-liftOut with the old, in with the new.

No, it's not January 1st – it's spring, the time of year when everyone and everything casts off its winter layers. It’s also a great time to brighten up your space and your spirit, so we’re providing a few simple tips for refreshing your apartment.

  • Put away those flannel sheets and thick comforters. Warmer temperatures mean you don't have to cocoon at night. You'll sleep well with soft, natural-fiber sheets and a lightweight duvet or quilt. Give winter bedding a good cleaning before packing it away
  • Your own wardrobe can benefit from some sprucing up, too. Review your collection of summer wear and pull out any clothing you no longer want, setting it aside for donation. Make a shopping list of items of items you'll need such as bathing suits, sandals or sleeveless tops
  • Open up the windows to let fresh air in and musty air out. After being closed up during chilly weather, your apartment is ready to "breathe." Here are four more ways to get rid of stale smell: 1) Place an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator to counteract food odors; 2) sprinkle a little in your garbage disposal for the same purpose; 3) Run some white vinegar through your coffeemaker and dishwasher; and 4) treat your carpet with some sprinkle-on or spray-on refresher. 
  • Bring nature indoors by adding some plants. Choose spider plants, English ivy and other varieties that look great as they work to improve air quality, removing toxins and other irritants. For a touch of whimsy, use unconventional objects like garden boots, paint cans and even soup mugs as DIY plant containers
  • Maximize the incoming sunshine by hanging one or two well-placed mirrors. The natural light is reflected and magnified to create a light, airy ambiance
  • Want to give your living room a new look without changing all the furniture? Use accessories to add a pop of color or incorporate a vibrant pattern. You'll be surprised at the difference a few throw pillows can make. Don't forget about some of the less obvious choices such as lampshades and wall hangings
  • Floors often get overlooked as a design element. Area rugs are an inexpensive and versatile way to add depth and texture. They can also be used to define functions within a room. For example, you can form a cozy conversation nook by placing a rug beneath a couple of chairs and a side table
  • Have you accumulated a lot of clutter over the winter? Clean out your bookshelves and magazine racks, recycle any old newspapers, and sort through the mail that's been piling up on the counter

Rejuvenating your apartment for spring has the added benefit of giving you renewed energy, as well. Have fun shaking off those winter doldrums and getting ready for the sun! 

What are you doing to give your apartment a springtime lift? Share your favorite tips for spring renewal with other Springs’ residents by posting comments below!

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