Made in the Shade — 9 Tips for Keeping Fido Cool This Summer

Jean Jones
July 06, 2017

Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool in SummerYou can don shorts and a tank top when hot weather hits, but your poor dog doesn't have that option. Use these helpful tips to keep Fido cool as a cucumber this summer at our Springs luxury apartment communities.

1. Dusk or Dawn

Dogs need regular exercise, but hot weather is no time for an intense workout. Plan walks or visits to our leash-free dog parks early in the morning or later in the day when temperatures are cooler.

2. Boots: They're Not Just for Winter

Hot pavement or asphalt can burn the sensitive pads on a dog's feet. Dog boots offer protection with the added benefit of no more muddy feet to wipe off!

3. On the Rocks

People and dogs need extra hydration during hot weather, but drinking lukewarm or room temperature water isn't too refreshing. Add a few ice cubes to your pet's water to keep it nice and cold.

4. Pup-sicle Treats

When you're enjoying some frosty ice cream or an ice-cold popsicle, let your pet share the fun with a homemade frozen doggie treat made from delicious ingredients like peanut butter, watermelon or yogurt.

5. Have Water, Will Travel 

Collapsible dog bowls are inexpensive and portable so you can take them along on walks or car trips.

6. "Cool" Leisure Time

Warm weather can make Fido drowsy, so place a damp towel on the floor for napping or just relaxing.

7. Practice Good Grooming

Regular brushings do more than just keep your pet looking his best. A dog's undercoat is part of his natural cooling system, so maintenance prevents the hair from becoming matted and restricting air flow.

8. Make 'Em "Sweat"

Perspiration is nature's air conditioning for humans, but dogs sweat through only a small percentage of their body. On extremely warm days, swab Fido's paws with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol, which evaporates quickly and helps to lower body temperature.

9. Watch for Signs of Overheating 

  • Excessive drooling
  • Heavy panting or trouble breathing
  • Dizziness or agitation
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dark or deep red tongue and gums

Do you have any go-to tips for keeping dogs cool? Share them in the comments!New Call-to-action

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